Hanging out at the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility

We stop by the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF), affectionately known around town as “the dump,” on a regular basis ostensibly to keep things tidy in the garage. But our weekly visit is so much more than just a way to dispose of trash and deal with our recyclables. Going to the dump is part chore, part fun. We never know what we’ll find—a discarded rose of sharon, root ball intact, while we’re tossing our yard waste; the very book we need for next month’s book group; or almost the entire contents of our swell office.

Here are a few Wellesley RDF summer pics, just in case you’re away and miss the old place.

Wellesley RDF, books area
Wellesley RDF, books area. The box usually holds notices about town doings, but for the past couple of weeks it’s been repurposed as a natural history display. The feather on the left looks to us  like it came from a turkey. We’re not sure about the one on the right. Same turkey?


Wellesley RDF, books area
Wellesley RDF, books area. Move fast if you need to round out your John Grisham collection.


Wellesley RDF, chair
This is our most recent find from the Reusables Area, the perfect chair to go into our swell office. We’ve been looking for just such a treasure all summer.


Wellesley RDF, Swellesley office
Most of The Swellesley Report’s office decor (formerly known as Our Oldest Son’s Bedroom) has been sourced from the dump. The linen panels, braided rug, mirror, and  chair have all been dragged home by Mrs. Swellesley over the years. Thanks, Wellesley. You all have such good taste in home cast-offs.

There’s always a face palm at the end of the trip. What did we forget to bring this time? Dammit. The food waste. Again. We keep leaving it behind in the freezer. So now there’s officially more garbage in our freezer than consumable food. Oh well. Next week.

Wellesley RDF hours

Monday – Wednesday: 7am-noon
Thursday – Saturday: 7am-3:45pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm

Upcoming RDF event

Wellesley RDF, hazardous materials day