Letter to the editor: a “yes” vote for new Hunnewell & Hardy schools

To the Editor:

Last night’s Special Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in favor of Article 2 (a new Hunnewell) and Article 3 (a new Hardy).

Town Meeting Members came together and voted to invest in our children, invest in our teachers and invest in the future of Wellesley by providing appropriate infrastructure for Wellesley’s young learners.

Education has always been a sound investment for the Town of Wellesley and we fervently believe it still is today. Anyone who has stepped foot into Hunnewell, Hardy or Upham knows that these buildings are in desperate need of replacement.

Our students can no longer wait. The time to build is now. Let’s put the decade of studying, debate, and planning to work and open two new schools in 2024.

On December 7, all Wellesley citizens will have the chance to vote for Hunnewell and Hardy.

We hope you will join us in voting YES for Hunnewell and Hardy so another cohort of children will not be left to learn in dated and dilapidated schools. Visit www.yesforwellesleystudents.com and learn more about the upcoming vote and how you can get involved.

Niki Brinkman-Ofenloch
Hunnewell parent
TMM Precinct F

Kelly Friendly
Former Hardy parent
TMM Precinct B

Stacy Braatz
Former Upham parent
Precinct C