Letter to the editor: regarding Hunnewell and Hardy schools

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage Town Meeting Members to vote in favor of Article 2 (a new Hunnewell) Article 3 (a new Hardy) and Article 4 (the land transfer of three parcels adjacent to Route 9 and Hardy to the School Committee) when Town Meeting convenes at the end of October. These Articles will finally enable appropriate facilities for all of Wellesley’s youngest learners.

I am a parent of two kids at Hardy and WMS and a real estate agent in Wellesley and the surrounding areas. I understand the value of investing in appropriate infrastructure for our town. Simply put, it’s a selling point for buyers. As more and more young families consider moving to the suburbs post pandemic, a leading concern in Wellesley is the state of some of our schools and the uncertainty of when new schools will come online. The extreme disparities between schools is a concern to families.

Real estate agents love comparisons. To give you a startling comparison, in the 10 years that Wellesley has been studying and debating new schools for Hardy, Hunnewell and Upham students, Newton has designed and built three new schools for its students.

Town Meeting members now have the opportunity to move this project forward with the approval of Articles 2, 3 and 4. I am confident new facilities for Wellesley’s elementary students is a good investment in our children and our town. As an agent, I know it will be a strong selling point for families considering a move to our Town.

Wellesley Public Schools have long been the envy of the metro west area. Education is the hallmark of our Town. It’s what draws people to Wellesley. Investing in education has always been a sound investment and will continue to be a sound investment.

Please encourage your Town Meeting Member to vote expeditiously to get new facilities built so another cohort of children are not left to learn in dated and dilapidated facilities. Vote YES on Articles 2, 3 and 4. Vote YES for Wellelsey Students.

Thank you,

Elke Cardella
161 Linden Street, Suite 102
Wellesley MA 02482
m: 443.610.6233