Wellesley Rotary Club launches “Dinner on Us” fundraiser

Wellesley Rotary ClubThanks to the Rotary Club of Wellesley for sponsoring The Swellesley Report’s Restaurants page.

The Club’s “Dinner on Us” fundraiser is aiming to raise $40,000 to help fight food insecurity. Food insecurity exists right here among those who live, work, and go to school in Wellesley. Rotary members want those in need  to know that there are resources to help them and their families through these difficult times.

2,000 “Dinner on Us” tickets are available at $20 apiece—every entry bought helps end food insecurity in Wellesley. Get your ticket here.

The Rotary Club of Wellesley members have not withdrawn during this pandemic and continue to seek creative ways to raise money with or without gathering in-person.

Why buy a “Dinner on Us” ticket?

First, you will be supporting three Rotary projects to end food insecurity in Wellesley. The Village Table feeds community members, the Mass Bay CC project feeds students facing food insecurity, and every year Rotary serves meals to veterans at the New England Center for Veterans.

Second, there is a lot to win. Just think, if you win first or second prize, you could eat at a different Wellesley restaurant every week for more than half a year. If that seems extravagant, it’s because, well, it is.

Absurd Grand Prize – $3,000—Winner takes all $100 gift cards to 30 Wellesley restaurants

Ridiculous Second Prize – $1,500—Winner takes all the $50 gift cards to 30 Wellesley restaurants

In addition to the Grand and Second prizes, “Dinner On Us” also has awesome 3rd-6th prizes: $450 in $25 gift cards to the pizza restaurants and cafes. And the gift cards do not expire. And, the 7th and 8th place winners will win 2 tickets (value $100) to the fabulous Taste of Wellesley event in the spring.

Awesome 3rd – 6th Prizes – $450—Winners take all the $25 gift cards to enjoy the pizza and coffee shops.

Fabulous 7th and 8th Prizes – $100—Winners win 2 tickets to the Taste of Wellesley.