‘Boston Strangler’ movie set to film in Wellesley

A new Boston Strangler movie is scheduled to be filmed inside a Wellesley home pretty much all day on Jan. 6.

We’ll refrain from mentioning the specific location, but neighbors are being notified ahead of time, with some being hit up to rent their driveways for the crew. When filming day comes, it will be pretty obvious where the action is based on signage that will likely read “New England.”

The Boston Globe reports that filming will take place around Massachusetts starting this month, including in Boston, Belmont, and Malden.


The true crime film from 20th Century focuses on the story of Boston Record American reporter Loretta McLaughlin, who along with colleague Jean Cole, wrote a series of stories connecting a notorious series of murders in the early 1960s that took place in Boston and surrounding communities. The film is said to address the sexism faced by the reporters, who are credited with coining the term “The Boston Strangler” for the person suspected of killing 13 women.

At Swellesley, we’re partial to movies, such as Spotlight and The Killing Fields, that showcase the oft-overlooked work of journalists.

Keira Knightley will portray McLaughlin, and will be joined on the cast by Carrie Coon, David Dastmalchian, Chris Cooper, and Alessandro Nivola.  Matt Ruskin, whose other films include The Infiltrator and Crown Heights, is the director

A well-regarded 1968 film titled The Boston Strangler, starred Tony Curtis as the convicted murderer Albert DeSalvo.

“Wellesleywood” has been a movie hotspot in recent years, including for a Whitney Houston biopic for an HBO series about chef Julia Child.

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