Rapper/producer Cam Meekins: From Wellesley Town Hall to Boston Calling

(Updated May 2022)

The Boston Calling Music festival, on hiatus since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is storming back on Memorial Day Weekend 2022 with a lineup headlined by Nine Inch Nails, The Strokes, and Metallica.

But the name that jumped out for me: Cam Meekins—the Wellesley High grad who has moved on to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an MC, producer, and podcaster.

Some of you might even recall Meekins performing during the summer concert series at Wellesley Town Hall in 2011, and swinging by Wellesley High for Seminar Day.

On Sunday, May 29, he’ll be part of the line-up that includes not just Metallica, but also Weezer, Modest Mouse, Japanese Breakfast, and a bunch more at Harvard University.

boston calling

Meekins released his last album, Lamp City 2, in 2020. Lamp City is also the name of the record label he started.

The Wellesley native can also be heard on The Cam Meekins Show, available on popular streaming services, for interviews with musicians, entrepreneurs, and others.

You can catch up on Meekins’ music on Youtube, where he’s got about 53,000 followers.

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