Masked stranger pays visit to our Wellesley home

Oh jeez, not another mask story…

Working from home these days I don’t see a lot of new faces outside of web conferences.

So I was surprised this afternoon to find myself looking down at a masked stranger, a solo raccoon, on our front steps in Wellesley.


This was a bold critter, ambling around while Mrs. Swellesley was outside discussing a possible project with a local company. They were oblivious to the animal, which did not appear to have a peddler’s license on it.

This looked to be a real raccoon, not an actor in a costume on a cheesy TV show.

I’m no animal control officer, but the raccoon didn’t seem to be sick. I wondered if it might be pregnant, roaming around for a good place to set up a nursery.

One thing for sure. We’ll be taking precautions when bringing out the garbage this week.

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