Wellesley Annual Town Meeting begins by honoring esteemed residents who have passed

Wellesley has lost many esteemed citizens over the past three years since holding Town Meeting in person. Traditionally, the town would honor these people by reading resolutions, often before friends and family.

While Town Meeting again is online this spring, the town has published tributes to 18 individuals who contributed so much to Wellesley during their lives here. A 19th will be added next week for Catherine Johnson.

The memorial resolutions have been published on the town website, and a moment of silence was held at the start of the meeting (the memorial resolution portion of the meeting began at about the 43-minute mark of Wellesley Media’s recording).

The town remembers:

  • Gerald G. Murphy
  • Susan Scully Troy
  • Richard R. “Dick” Dillon
  • Sue Wright
  • David H. Locke
  • Thomas E. Lee
  • David R. Wagstaff
  • Richard H. Forbes
  • Edwina McCarthy
  • Joel M. Prives
  • Edwin “Teddy” Donahue
  • Carol Gleason
  • Richard R. “Dick” Hartley
  • Stanley Hodges
  • Ann McQuaid Fitzmaurice
  • Robert C. Sechrest
  • George P.D. Porter
  • James C. Stokes