Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend heats up

We tried to make the rounds during Saturday’s Wellesley Wonderful Weekend events before the real heat set in, but you know how it goes. Too much fun, too many friends, and the next thing you know you’re dragging your sweaty self home an hour later than planned.

But it was well worth it to see the return of favorite events like town department open houses, and to meet some people we’d only known through emails and Zoom calls.

A steady stream of pancakes, ham, and other breakfast goodies were doled at Wellesley High School by the Key Club, Wellesley Kiwanis Club members, and Whitsons Food Service staff to appreciative patrons.

pancake moorheads
Sofia, Sarita & Geoff Moorhead digging into breakfast


pancakes www

pancakes www

Things were busy at Wellesley High, as the girls’ lacrosse team faced off vs. Franklin (unfortunately falling 6-4).

wellesley franklin girls lacrosse hunnewell field

wellesley franklin girls lacrosse hunnewell field

Pedal power

Then it was over to the Tailby Lot, where Wellesley Police and the Kiwanis teamed up for a bike safety event. We missed out on seeing kids pop wheelies, but WPD members impressed on their wheels. As one officer said to the other: “Would you have believed it if someone told you that you could get paid for riding your bike?”

Wellesley Kiwanis Club bike rodeo
Wellesley Kiwanis Club bike rodeo. From left, Officer Kathy Poirer and Officer Stan Dunajski, with Kiwanis John and Dwin Schuler in between.


Come on by

From there we headed to Rte. 9, storming the gates of the Municipal Light Plant, Department of Public Works, and Wellesley Fire Departments. Hey, if you invite the masses to stop in for an open house, and you offer cookies, hot dogs, juice boxes, and other goodies, we will pay a call.

MLP and other town officials were sharing information on mobility and other efforts in town.

The DPW had a bunch of things going on at once. DPW Director Dave Cohen was collecting gently worn business attire to pass on to those who might need them for job interviews and other work-related events. The DPW was also filling a truck with goods for the Wellesley Food Pantry. And of course there were trucks, trucks, and more trucks for kids and adults to ogle and climb on. After two years of COVID restrictions on such events, Cohen said it was nice see people have the chance to actually touch the trucks again.

Wellesley DPW, Dave Cohen
Wellesley DPW, Dave Cohen


Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Municipal Light Plant

Wellesley DPW
Wellesley DPW. Bob Zani (left) and Mike Murphy.


green DPW gear
The DPW rolls out its latest acquisitions in all-electric equipment.


Rescue me

At the Fire Department Chief Rick DeLorie regaled us with stories about…everything, as kids climbed about a boat, explored the interior workings of the fire engines, and sprayed real water at a phony fire.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, fire department

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, fire department

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Fire Chief Rick DeLorie
Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, Fire Chief Rick DeLorie


Hot dog!

Time for lunch. So we visited the Police Department, and snarfed hot dogs fresh off the grill after taking a look at the shiny new communications room. The next police entry exam is coming up June 25, so if you want to join this community-oriented police force, make your move.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, police station
Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, police station. Left, Officer Mark Mark DeBernardi, and Sgt. Mike Lemanager, dressed for hot dog grilling success.


wellesley police communications center

police open house bouncy
Inflatable fun in front of the Wellesley Police Department.


We might have held off on the hot dogs if we knew chicken was on the spit at the military encampment in front of Town Hall.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Encampment

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, encampment

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, encampment
We thought about taking a nap in one of the Encampment tents, but somehow found the strength to power through the afternoon.


From there we got artsy, and swung by Art in the Park at Simons Park, where the “exquisite corpse” project was well underway.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Art in the Parkart in the park exquisite corpse

Our final stop of the day: The Rotary’s pooch parade to raise funds for Ukrainian animals.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Pooch Parade
Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, Pooch Parade, Wellesley resident Gig Babson and Pippi. The event raised  $5,000 to help animals effected by the crisis in Ukraine. 


After all that, well, we were pooped.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, Pooch Parade