Welcome another Boston Swell-tic to town

Boston Celtics continue to flock to Wellesley for homes not too far away from the Garden and about 20 minutes from the Auerbach Center practice facility: Newly acquired point guard Malcolm Brogdon is the latest according to our sources.

Who can afford to live in Wellesley these days? People who make $22M-plus per year is who.

Brogdon is the latest in a line-up of Celtics officials or players that live or have lived in town. Current residents include Celtics executive and former coach Brad Stevens, and star forward Jaylen Brown. Ray Allen, Danny Ainge, and Gordon Hayward have been among past residents.

We’ll refrain from pinpointing Brogdon’s address, but he’s purchased a newly built home that replaced a 195os model formerly owned by an elected town official.

The 7,300-plus sq. ft. home features 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms (5 full), and a nice yard.

If the University of Virginia alum gets a hankering to shoot around, we’ve got a hoop that you’re welcome to use, Malcolm.

The 6-foot, 5-inch player, entering his seventh National Basketball League season, started his career with the Milwaukee Bucks, then spent the last three seasons with the Indiana Pacers.

An Atlanta native, Brodgon reportedly bought a $5M mansion in that city at the start of the year.

Welcome to Wellesley, and good luck with the Celts!