Letter to the editor: thank you, Owen Dugan

To the editor:

Turning 90, Owen Dugan is retiring from the board of Wellesley Media Corporation after serving almost 10 years. We will miss him. He’s brought a unique perspective combining his knowledge of Town history, common sense and the ability to see the human side of every issue.

Wellesley Media is the last Wellesley board that Owen has served. Others that have benefited from his membership include Select, Advisory, Public Works and Municipal Light.

Aside from serving on boards, Owen’s contributions to Wellesley include president of the Wellesley Club and Wellesley Community Center, member of Town Meeting, Wellesley Historical Society and contributor of food he’s grown at Brookside Garden to the Wellesley Food Bank and Council on Aging.

While providing so much of his time and talent to Wellesley, Owen also had a distinguished career at IBM.

What has made Owen such a fine member of our community might be summarized by an award given to him by the members of the Wellesley Country for, among other things, his sportsmanship, courtesy and integrity,

Peter Marx
Board Chair and President, Wellesley Media Corporation
Wellesley resident

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