The Wellesley Hills pumpkins have arrived—a day early in fact

Wellesley Hills Congregational Church (207 Washington St.) on Tuesday celebrated the arrival of the pumpkins for its photogenic Rte. 16 patch.

“They arrived a day early—which in the history of the pumpkin patch has never happened!” writes Rev. Anne Marie Holloway. “However,  we were delighted because the weather was so nice and we were able to rally 50 plus Hills Church volunteers of all ages to unload all the pumpkins (on short notice).”

hills church pumpkin patch

More than 20 pallets, each containing 1,500 pounds of pumpkins, came via an 18-wheeler.

Indeed, the patch is now open for business from 10am-6pm daily until Oct. 31.

This marks roughly the 20th year of the Hills Church Pumpkin Patch, which funds good causes near and far. This includes youth service, providing emergency relief to Haiti last year, and hurricane relief this year.

“Our pumpkins are planted, grown, harvested, and shipped by indigenous farming communities in New Mexico. A large portion of our proceeds supports their efforts each year,” Rev. Holloway says.

The pumpkins come in many sizes and colors, with the smallest going for $1 and the largest $25.

hills church pumpkin patchhills church pumpkin patchhills church pumpkin patchhills church pumpkin patch

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