Letters-to-the-editor day in Wellesley—important election-time updates

The Swellesley Report accepts letters to the editor. Letters must be of general local community interest and must be signed. Community shout-outs are also accepted and encouraged. For example, a non-profit may thank an organization for a donation received.

How to submit your letter to the editor

The deadline is Wednesday at noon for letters to appear on Friday.

No election-related letter to the editor will appear the week before election day. Election day is Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Submitting a letter to the editor does not guarantee that your letter will be posted on The Swellesley Report.

Letters must be written for The Swellesley Report only—we do not accept form-type letters sent to multiple news agencies.

Please review detailed guidelines for letters to the editor here.

Send letters to the editor to theswellesleyreport@gmail.com

Election letter guidelines

Letters endorsing candidates; pro/con on ballot initiatives; “get out the vote” type letters; etc. are accepted.

As a general policy, if a sampling of letters on a particular issue has already been published, subsequent letters on that same issue may not be published.

Generally speaking, we are willing to run a few letters of endorsement per candidate as well as a few letters about any one issue over the course of the campaign. We would not run letters that are virtual carbon copies of each other.

What Swellesley wants to avoid is serving as a platform for a concerted campaign that is trying to shut out other voices by trying to flood our letters to the editor page with their own agenda.

Please limit the number of signers…we contact letter writers to confirm authenticity and don’t have time to reach out to multiple signers.

No election-related letters will be published the week before the election.

Please review detailed guidelines for letters to the editor here.