Letter to the editor: in support of Jaden Crawford for NRC

To the editor:

I was the Chair of the Open Space Management Study Committee that created the Natural Resources Commission way back when. I also served on the NRC and was its first Chair. The ideal candidate for the NRC is a person who understands the environment, or natural resources in general, and our government. Jaden has that background. I urge you to vote for Jaden to help fulfill the original purpose of the NRC to protect the natural resources and open space in Wellesley.
Mary Ann Cluggish
First NRC Chairperson, Commissioner
Town Meeting Member, Precinct G

In 2019 the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission signed a statement that declared a climate emergency. This is based upon a consensus of world climate scientists. It states that the Wellesley NRC commits to educate the public and Town Boards about the impacts of climate change. It also says that the NRC will explicitly consider the climate emergency in all its decision making. Jaden Crawford is the one candidate running for NRC this year who I believe understands this to his core. He has a collaborative approach to working with others and will bring his insight and experience to the Commission on all matters under the jurisdiction of the NRC.
Maureen Febiger
Past NRC Commissioner

I am voting for and support Jaden Crawford for NRC. I was an NRC commissioner for 20 years and a two-time Chair of the NRC. I was also a Community Preservation Committee Member for 15 years. The stated mission of the NRC is to preserve, protect, and enhance the town’s open space. I believe Jaden will focus on maintaining and improving our open space consistent with the NRC’s mission and the Town’s Climate Action Plan. Jaden has the experience in clean energy programs, technology, and regulations that will serve him well in this role. He is motivated to help the NRC dedicate attention to its stated responsibilities to the town at this critical time!
Joan Gaughan
Past NRC Chairperson, Commissioner
Past Community Preservation Committee Member
Town Meeting Member, Precinct E
Trails Committee
Wellesley Conservation Land Trust Member

Jaden Crawford has my support for the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC). The NRC holds broad jurisdictional powers over conservation areas, parkland, public shade trees, pest control and pesticide use, and our town forest and watershed. Jaden’s daily actions align with these purposes and demonstrate his unwavering commitment to caring for natural assets. He understands, and will execute, the full mission of the NRC and bring balance to the board. Having served for eight years as a Natural Resources Commissioner in Wellesley, I believe our Town will be well served with Jaden as a Commissioner. He possesses integrity, good judgment, and speaks truth to power. Please join me in voting for Jaden on March 7 in a contested race.
Raina McManus
Past NRC Chairperson, Commissioner
Town Meeting Member, Precinct E