Wellesley High principal Chisum not chosen for Lincoln-Sudbury job

The Lincoln Sudbury Regional School Committee this week selected Lexington High School Principal Andrew Stephens as the next superintendent/principal of Lincoln-Sudbury High School, denying Wellesley High School Principal Dr. Jamie Chisum from this new opportunity.

The School Committee voted 5-1 in favor of Stephens, with finalist Allyson Mizoguchi, principal of Wayland High School, getting the other vote. Even though Chisum got no votes, he was praised by School Committee members (see recording of School Committee meeting, starting about 4 minutes in).

School Committee member Candace Miller said during deliberation before the vote that Chisum’s “philosophy is absolutely inspiring,” and added that “could could see his print on Wellesley High.”

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We had our “Going, going, gong” headline ready to go, but it looks like Dr. Chisum will stick around for now.


Chisum recently alerted the Wellesley Public Schools community that he was a finalist for the Lincoln-Sudbury job.

“The combined Superintendent/Principal position is a unique opportunity for me to both challenge myself to learn new skills and responsibilities, and it still allows me to work with high school students on a regular basis.  My roots in Wellesley run deep after so many years here, so I want you to know it took a lot of thought and consideration before I decided to apply,” Chisum wrote in the memo.

None other than former Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent Bella Wong announced in October that she wouldn’t be seeking to renew her contract as the Lincoln-Sudbury superintendent/principal, after 10 years on the job.

Chisum moved up from assistant principal to principal of Wellesley High School in 2014. He has been with the Wellesley Public School System since 1999, initially as an English teacher and later as interim head of the Middle School.

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