Letter to the editor: Wellesley Girl Scouts request donations for young patients

To the editor:

Hi, we are Girl Scouts from Troop 82374. We are raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital, and you can help us! We need donations of new games, fidget toys, books, art supplies, technology support, and more. Please make sure they are off of our Amazon wish list. We are doing this because there are lots of older kids in need that are away from home, hurt and sick, in a hospital, with nothing to do. This is why we want to make them feel better.

Why are we fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital?

The Boston Children’s Hospital is the #1 pediatric hospital in the nation, and serves over 2,500 patients a year from more than 140 countries. Did you know that older kids from the Boston Children’s Hospital don’t get as many activities as the younger kids? But YOU can make a difference. Please consider donating to our fundraising page or buying new items off of our Amazon wish list to support the older kids and teens that have to stay at the Boston’s Children’s Hospital. More information and links are below. 100% of all money and items raised will go to the BCH. Thank you!

The Girl Scouts of Troop 82374