Way mow safe at Pond Road and Rte. 135 intersection

We had posted on Aug. 1 on social media about the dangerously high grass/weeds (4 to 6 feet in some cases) at the intersection of Pond Road and Rte. 135 on the Wellesley line, hoping either the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, or towns of Natick or Wellesley might take some action. The plant growth made it difficult for those pulling out of Pond Road onto 135—at least for those of us in sedans—to see traffic coming in either direction.

I happened upon a Natick Police officer parked along 135 and told him about the situation. He said he’d mention it back at the station, though this intersection is technically in Wellesley & the roads are state-maintained.

By Aug. 4 the area had been mowed, and it’s much safer now. So thanks to whoever did the job…

pond road 135 intersection high grass
This photo (taken outside our car) probably doesn’t do the safety situation justice

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