But wait, what about pickleball?

The electrical boxes along Hunnewell Field in Wellesley now appear complete, with a colorful painting of sports equipment fitting for the areas. Football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, tennis, and cycling are represented.

Surprisingly though, no pickleballs (though there is undecorated space atop the boxes…)

Pickleball nets are now situated at Hunnewell Field in the town’s effort to distance the popular paddle sport from residences. Though it’s true that the latest round of electrical box designs had been approved before pickleball came to the nearby courts.

The Traffic Box Art Program is a collaboration between the Wellesley Public Arts Committee and the Wellesley Police Department. Since 2020 local artists have painted more than a dozen signal boxes at high-visibility intersections to enhance the visual experience in Wellesley.

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