Sexton Test Prep knows parenting high schoolers in 2023 is challenging

SPONSORED POST: Let me tell you one thing we at Sexton Test Prep hear from all of our clients—parenting in 2023 is… challenging! Times are so different from when we were in high school. Contrary to what my math teacher Mr. Walsh said, I do actually carry a calculator with me at all times. The kids are on social media constantly, whereas I had to wait for about 12 minutes just to connect to the internet at all. And now, the SAT is going DIGITAL?!?! And the PSAT is next month?!?! While there is little we can do about calculators or social media, we’re experts on test prep.

Ways we can help include…

  • 3-hour PSAT class so your student will feel confident and prepared for the digital PSAT
  • Customized one-on-one preparation plans for your student for the SAT/ACT
  • Small group SAT and ACT classes offered in Wellesley and online

Teenagers provide enough battles—let us help fight this one for you!

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Ben & Sarah

Sexton Test Prep, Wellesley