Wellesley Cultural Council grant applications due Oct. 17

The deadline is Oct. 17, 2023, to apply to the Wellesley Cultural Council for a grant to present programs in the arts, humanities, or sciences for the cultural benefit of the people of Wellesley.

The Wellesley Cultural Council exists to enhance the quality of cultural life for the residents of Wellesley by helping to fund programs in the arts, cultural, and interpretive sciences. Applications that benefit the greatest possible cross section of residents of Wellesley’s predominantly highly-educated, family-oriented, and increasingly culturally/racially-diverse town are of particular interest to the Council.

Wellesley dump art
Fun fact: Mrs. Swellesley was a 2016 recipient of a Wellesley Cultural Council grant. The idea behind “Wellesley Dump Art” was simple: to create still-life arrangements on-site at the RDF  using exclusively items that came into the Give-and-Take area and flowers from my yard. I then photographed what visitors put together.

The fiscal year 2024 allotment is $7,900. Last year’s funded programs included a juggling performance, the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra, and more. See the entire list here.

The grants program operates under the umbrella of the Mass Cultural Council, which funds and manages a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils (LCCs) across the state, representing every city and town in the Commonwealth. Each council awards money based on individual community cultural needs, assessed and set by LCC members. Applicants apply directly to local councils.

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Festivals & Projects
Grants of $2,500 for organizations to fund public activities that incorporate the arts, humanities, or sciences.

New in 2024: Grants for Creative Individuals
This program aims to equitably advance creative expression throughout the Commonwealth with unrestricted grants to Massachusetts artists, culture bearers, and creative individuals. Grants are $5,000.

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