Wellesley Police getting spiffy new 100-foot radio tower

The Wellesley Police station is getting a new look this week thanks to the ongoing installation of a 100-foot radio tower that will be essential to public safety communications.

The Wellesley Communications Center has been undergoing an overhaul funded through Town Meeting over the past few years. First, $435K was approved in 2021 for replacement of the dispatch radio system infrastructure, the dispatch workstations, and the Fire Department alerting system. Last year, another $195K was approved for the new radio antenna tower, a concrete base, and other components to protect gear from falling ice—plus removal of the existing at-capacity antenna tower.

wellesley police radio tower

The current antenna structure, which has been added to over the years, is more than 50 years old. The new tower has an expected life of 50 years.

The new tower, higher than the 80-foot light poles set to rise at the Hunnewell track & field, is easily visible from the back of the police station on Washington Street, but masked partially by trees when viewed from the front.

wellesley police radio tower


Wellesley police station with antenna towers
What tower?


The appropriation for the tower and antenna was approved unanimously by Town Meeting in 2022, as the previous funding request was in 2021. In introducing the article, Select Board member Ann-Mara Lanza said the combination of the dispatch system and radio tower form the backbone of public safety operations in Wellesley, allowing dispatchers to relay information to police, fire, and paramedics personnel needed to respond to emergencies.

Thanks to reader JM for the heads up on the project, which involved a crane the day before we got there.

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