Big unveiling of sculpture at Wellesley Free Library on Oct. 28

If you’ve stopped into the Wellesley Free Library lately, you’ve probably noticed a small area outside the front entrance that’s been under construction. Something’s happening, but what?

Maybe the area is set to be a new VIP parking space for big donors to the library. No, that would be a reach.

Perhaps a fire pit is going there for a community s’mores event every night before the library closes. Great idea, but we have no knowledge of such a thing.

What on earth is being sculpted out of that tiny area, and why?

Find out during the Reach for Knowledge Sculpture Unveiling event on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2pm, at the Main Library, 530 Washington St., rear entrance patio.

Wellesley Free Library, statue site
There’s something exciting happening outside the Wellesley Free Library.


Wouldn’t it be cool if a public art installation by a world-renowned artist was set to occupy that area? A permanent display created by someone really beloved, whose installations can be found all over the world, from Newton to Tel Aviv.

Someone like Nancy Schön, whose much-loved “Make Way for Ducklings” bronze sculpture on the Boston Common could be the most widely photographed artwork in Boston. There probably isn’t a kid in Wellesley who hasn’t posed with Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings, inspired by Robert McCloskey’s picture book, Make Way for Ducklings.

Well, we can dream. And sometimes, dreams become reality.

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