We volunteered to cover the Wellesley Volunteer Fair

A strong streak of volunteerism runs through Wellesley, and last week over 15 non-profit organizations set up informational tables at the annual Volunteer Fair to try and lure that energy over to their particular groups. Held in the Wakelin Room at the main library, the two-day event was organized like a job fair, with representatives of local non-profits on hand to answer questions and hand out literature. The goal: for potential volunteers to find the right fit to give generously of their time and talents. The event was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Wellesley and the Wellesley Free Library.

Wellesley Rotary Club
Wellesley Rotary Club. From left: Tory DrFazio; Club president Patrick Hayden; Bill Westerman; Dick Carls. Tickets for the Club’s 3rd Annual “Dinner on Us” Sweepstakes fundraiser are available now.


Wellesley League of Women Voters
Wellesley League of Women Voters helped sponsor the Volunteer Fair. Left, Deb Codispoti, and Tanya Roy


Wellesley Village Table
Wellesley Village Table, a Wellesley Village Church program, was created to address food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program has plenty of volunteer opportunities for individuals or families. Meal prep takes place in the fully licensed industrial kitchen in the basement of Wellesley Village Church, and many hands make light work. From left, Jane Amara, Heather Conway, Shannon Kelly.

Over 15 groups in all attended. Missed the Volunteer Fair. The door has not slammed shut on your volunteerism dreams. Any of the groups will be happy to answer your questions about what they do and how you can fit in. Find out more information on their individual websites.

  • Building a Better Wellesley
  • Rotary Club of Wellesley
  • Sustainable Wellesley
  • Town of Wellesley
  • Wellesley A Better Chance
  • Wellesley Conservation Land Trust
  • Wellesley Council on Aging
  • Wellesley Democratic Town Committee
  • Wellesley Friendly Aid
  • Wellesley Historical Society
  • Wellesley League of Women Voters
  • Wellesley Service League
  • Wellesley Symphony Orchestra
  • Wellesley Trails Committee
  • Wellesley Village Table

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