Wellesley Advisory Committee recommends favorable action on allllmost all Town Meeting motions

For those of you who tossed that nondescript Advisory Committee letter that may have shown up this week in your snail mail box, we present to you the online edition of the Advisory Committee report to Special Town Meeting, which starts on Monday, Nov. 6 at Wellesley Middle School.

The appointed 15-member Advisory Committee, which vets the articles and motion presented by various parties to Town Meeting members, issues a report that makes some of the article and motion language less cryptic, and explains why Advisory voted to recommend either favorable or unfavorable action on the motions. Advisory will make cameo appearances throughout Special Town Meeting as well to summarize its votes.

Town Meeting is Wellesley’s representative form of government and serves as the town’s legislative body.

Articles on this fall’s Special Town Meeting warrant deal with everything from financial matters including salaries, debt, and supplemental budget appropriations to zoning issues including the inclusionary variety. The Advisory Committee voted unanimously for favorable action on most motions, though did vote to recommend unfavorable action on Article 15, which involves permitting new uses in education districts (i.e., the Sisters of Charity property).

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Having made its way through the Special Town Meeting articles, Advisory is now prepping for Annual Town Meeting in the spring. Town bodies such as the Climate Action Committee are lining up to tell their stories at upcoming meetings.

Download (PDF, Unknown)