Wellesley Conservation Land Trust fall speaker event—”Bats! Nature and Art”

The Wellesley Conservation Land Trust will hold its fall speaker educational event—”Bats! Nature and Art”—with a talk by Jane Winchell of the Peabody Essex Museum, at the Wellesley Free Library on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 7pm-8:30pm.

Often misunderstood creatures, bats have long been associated with the underworld, magic, and superstition. They have also come to symbolize good and evil. Highly beneficial to their ecosystem, bats are often regarded as species that help gauge the health of the environment and reveal the effects of climate change and other human created threats. Plus, they are sources of art, inspiration, and technologic innovations across the centuries.

Jane Winchell is the Sarah Fraser Robbins director of The Art & Nature Center at Peabody Essex Museum and curator of a special exhibit, “Bats!” View the exhibit at PEM in Salem through July 28, 2024.

Co-sponsored with the Wellesley Free Library.