Wellesley Square Holiday Stroll Scavenger Hunt winners feeling pretty happy about the season

Dozens of families searched Wellesley Square high and low during the annual Scavenger Hunt during the Wellesley Square Holiday Stroll. Most participants found all the QR-coded snowflakes at stops in the Square. But after all the successful hunters’ names were tossed together, four randomly selected teams came through as the winners of $825 in gift cards from 33 Wellesley Square stores.

First-time hunters, the Kaeneman family, cited the opportunity of seeing stores not previously on their radar as part of the fun. “This was a real eye-opener of what’s been in the town, as well as stores I haven’t seen or haven’t visited and wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to do so,” Rob Kaeneman said.  “Thank you very much for putting the Stroll on and introducing me to new stores in the town.”

Wellesley Scavenger Hunt
Kaeneman Family of Wellesley, from left: Rob (dad), Ilina, Leela, Sneha (mom)

Foley Family of Wellesley, from left: Jamie (mom), Keira, Megan, Mosley, Conor and Brian (dad)


Licata Family of Wellesley, (from left): Liz (mom), Mike, Mike (dad), Fiona and Chandler


Wellesley Scavenger Hunt
White Family of Wellesley, from left: Caroline (mom), Nolan, Mike (dad) and Keegan