Wellesley residential energy coaching program underway

In its effort to encourage sustainability changes on the home front, the Wellesley Climate Action Committee and its partners have rolled out an energy coaching program that’s free to residents. The program has started with a soft launch among those involved in the town’s Green Collaborative.

If interested in the program, fill out the questionnaire and a coach trained in clean energy technologies will be in touch.

Topics include home weatherization, air-source heat pumps, solar power, electric vehicles, and more. Candidates might include those planning a renovation or building project, or just plain interested in saving money through government incentives. Some might be looking to fully decarbonize their home, a longer-term effort.

According to the town’s Climate Action Plan, residential buildings account for the largest chunk of greenhouse gas emissions in Wellesley. The Climate Action Committee seeks to get changes going at homes beyond those already involved in the town’s various sustainability efforts, such as through Sustainable Wellesley and Wellesley Green Schools.

The Climate Action Committee’s Mary Gard shared a brief update on the program at the group’s Jan. 12 meeting (see Wellesley Media recording, about 50 minutes in). The Committee’s next meeting is Feb. 2 at 9am.

Questions about the coaching program can be sent to EnergyCoach@wellesleyma.gov.

This program is offered through the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant, Wellesley Climate Action Committee, and Sustainable Wellesley.

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