Planning Board candidate who lost home in fire gained a passion to “contribute meaningfully to the town’s development”

Dear Fellow Residents of Wellesley,

I’m Grant Pollock, and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the Wellesley Planning Board. For the past 17 years, Wellesley has been more than just a town to me; it’s been home for my family and life-long friendships. It’s also where my family and I have built our lives, shared our joys, and weathered our challenges. And now, I’m eager to give back to this community that has provided us with so much.

As a neighbor and a proud member of this community, I understand the importance of thoughtful planning and community engagement in shaping the future of Wellesley. That’s why I’m stepping forward to offer my expertise and dedication to serve on the Planning Board.

My journey to this candidacy has been deeply personal. In December 2020, my family and I experienced the devastating loss of our home to a fire. In the process of rebuilding our lives and home, I gained a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of the planning process and the vital role it plays in the fabric of our community. This terrible experience ignited a passion within me to contribute meaningfully to the town’s development.

Professionally, I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and working through complex problems, fostering innovation, and building connections and understanding. From my role as Vice President of Sales & Success at BlueCargo to advising at Pachyderm Inc I’ve honed skills that directly align with the needs of Wellesley and the Planning Board. As a core member of Underscore VC, I’ve worked closely with transformative ventures, identifying opportunities for sustainable development and economic growth which will benefit our town and our residents.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I’ve always believed in giving back whether coaching Wellesley’s youth in hockey and lacrosse or volunteering in local initiatives, I’ve witnessed firsthand the strength and resilience of our community.

In my campaign for the Wellesley Planning Board, I bring more than just professional expertise—I bring a deep-rooted love for this town and a genuine desire to see it thrive. Together, let’s shape the future of Wellesley with warmth, local flavor, and a commitment to planning and decisions for our community that make us proud to call Wellesley home.

Thank you for considering me for this important role. I look forward to earning your trust and working alongside you to create a brighter future for Wellesley.

Vote Grant Pollock for Planning Board on March 5, 2024 and bring some friends!

Warm regards,

Grant Pollock
Wellesley resident