Wellesley Athletes of the Week: Gymnastics’ Caroline Martin & Wrestling’s Jonah Ginsberg

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Athlete of the Week: Caroline Martin, Wellesley High School senior


Caroline Martin
Caroline Martin


Sport: Gymnastics (All-Around—Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor—and Captain

When & how you got involved in this sport: When I was 3 years old my mom put my twin sister, Rebecca, and I into gymnastics classes. I was an energetic kid and gymnastics was the perfect sport to tire me out.

What you love most about this sport: I love going for new skills, competing at meets, and hanging out with my teammates.

Pre-meet ritual: Before meets I drink kombucha

Top goal for this season: My top goals are to have our team go as far as we possibly can, hopefully qualifying for the MIAA Sectionals Competition, and to individually qualify, in the All-Around, for the MIAA Individual Competition.

Thoughts so far about this year’s team: I love the team this year. The team is very hardworking and everyone is always having a fun time. Even though gymnastics can be a very individualistic sport everyone on the team is constantly supporting one another, everyone is constantly cheering each other on, and no matter what we make the best out of any situation we are in. I am so grateful for all of my teammates and the immense amount of talent they have.

An accomplishment that you’re especially proud of: During my Junior year season I won 1st place on Vault during our Bay State Competition and I qualified for the MIAA Individual Competition my Sophomore and Junior year.

A funny or inspiring story related to your involvement in the sport/this team: During my first competition of the season, against Needham, I had messed up my first tumbling pass. I was supposed to complete my double-full; however, during the tumbling pass my tiger paw (wrist support) velcro detached causing me to wipe out. While I finished my routine I was disappointed with my overall performance. Instead of letting my floor performance get into my head, I laughed and joked about it with my teammates and put the routine behind me so I could focus on beam. I ended up nailing my beam routine and during my next meet I successfully completed my double-full.

Interests outside of your sport: I like hanging out with my friends and family.

Coach Melissa Flemming‘s take: Jonah Ginsberg

Jonah Ginsberg (photo courtesy of Laura Frank)


Sport: Wrestling (175 lb weight class, Captain)

When & how you got involved in this sport: I started wrestling in 6th grade.

What you love most about this sport: The individuality of the team sport.

Pre-meet ritual: Always eat a pack of Skittles.

Top goal for this season: Win states

Thoughts so far about this year’s team: Phenomenal. In 10th grade we had 6 kids on the team and basically lost every match. Now we have almost 30 and are 16-6 right now. Program grew a ton.

An accomplishment that you’re especially proud of: I won sectionals last year. Committed to NYU to continue wrestling. Bay State All- Star.

An inspiring story related to your involvement in the sport/this team: We used to wrestling in the cafeteria. Kids and school athletics looked down upon us. We grew and now we are a respected team. I was a part of the growth and helped it happen.

Interests outside of your sport: Skiing, the gym, wakeboarding.

Coach Chris Sywetz’s take: “Jonah is an amazing young man with dedication and a competitive spirit. He has been a leader in this program for 3 years and is a very important part of why our program has grown and found success. He is a top notch student as well as a high quality human being. My favorite Jonah story was in the Spring. I saw him walking home with his sister, who had recently suffered a gymnastics injury. Jonah was not only carrying her bag for her, he was walking alongside her, not rushing her, and the best part was he had a big smile on his face because he was talking about laughing with his young sister. Something most high school kids would never do. Everybody is too cool to be kind, but not Jonah. He’s an extremely kind, caring young man off the mat but he is an aggressive competitor that will stop at nothing to break his opponents’ mentally and physically. The world needs more people like Jonah and I am extremely honored that I had the privilege to work with this amazing young man the last 3 years. Since there was no season for Jonah his freshman year, he will fall a few matches short of the 100 wins mark, but please know that he is one of the best wrestlers Wellesley has had since Josh Cohen, Matt Wassel, Rollie Peterkin, and all the other historic legends that have graced the mat at WHS.”

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