Wellesley Natural Resources candidate vows to move goals forward with “actionable strategies”

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC). If elected, I will be a steady advocate for the NRC’s core mandate: to manage, protect, and preserve Wellesley’s parks, open spaces, tree canopy, and watersheds, and to be a leader of sustainability. As a 14-year resident and a dedicated volunteer in both town government and youth sports, I believe deeply in public service and in the values of the NRC.

The multitude of Wellesley’s parks and natural places are part of what makes our community unique. This is why, for almost seven years, I have served on the Wellesley Trails Committee. As both a Committee member and chairperson, I have spent hundreds of hours maintaining our 47 miles of trails, guiding walks, and working closely with the DPW, NRC, and other town boards. This work has enhanced my appreciation for our varied lands, as well as for the dedication of their professional and volunteer stewards, including the NRC.

As Wellesley continues to grow and develop, the NRC must make the consideration of our natural resources an important part of the conversation. There are recent examples of development proposals that would have impacted trees, wetlands, and adjacent woodland. I commend our elected leaders and participating residents for making note of natural resources alongside other priorities such as housing and infrastructure. As a board member of the Wellesley Conservation Land Trust, I have learned how natural resource considerations can support and inform well-considered progress, rather than act against it.

The NRC is also tasked with managing many of Wellesley’s active recreation areas. The Morses Pond Beach and Bathhouse Improvement project is making steady progress, and I will work to bring that proposal to life as soon as possible. After several seasons as a coach for the Wellesley United Soccer Club, I know the effort that goes into ensuring every sports team has space to practice and compete. I sincerely appreciate how important our recreational facilities are for so many. I will work to maintain and improve our facilities in a thoughtful way that respects our natural resources.

The immediacy of the climate crisis compels the NRC to continue its leadership on climate action and sustainability through its mission of stewardship, education and advocacy. The NRC has an important and unique role to play in increasing our tree canopy, reducing greenhouse gases, and supporting biodiversity. I am eager to continue engaging residents in climate awareness and in actionable strategies that contribute to our resilience.

The NRC agenda is busy, and I would like to help move that agenda forward. With over 20 years of experience as a quantitative analyst at a local financial software company and an Economics degree from Dartmouth College, I am a problem solver who gets things done. If elected to the NRC, I will dedicate my balanced perspective and work ethic in service of our town. Please vote for me on March 5th.


Steven Park
Wellesley resident