Bomb squad makes itself heard in Wellesley after nearby magnet fishing find

The crowd at the Lockheart restaurant in Wellesley Square on Friday night was having a good time downing tacos, having lively discussions, and watching the Celtics game.

But at 8:30pm everyone took a pause and the conversation briefly shifted after phones started to buzz with an alert from the Needham Police Department that a “controlled detonation of a live ordinance” would soon be taking place (they meant “ordnance,” not “ordinance”—not that some local laws probably shouldn’t be blown up…).

In other words, the police sent the alert because they didn’t want people freaking out over the explosion. Though as some posting online and reaching out to us noted, the boom came before the buzz for them.

bomb alert
Thanks to reader FA for sharing screenshot


A press release issued by the town of Needham explained further that someone who was magnet fishing—yes, it’s a thing—on Kendrick Street at the Newton town line picked up what appeared to be an unexploded weapon (see local TV news interview with the Charles River magnet fisherman). Needham, Newton, and state first responders swung into action, with the State Police Bomb Squad doing its thing later at night.

The colorful press release from Needham erupted like this:

‼️‼️‼️ They have since determined the ordnance will need to be disposed of. It will be disposed of at the Needham / Dover / Wellesley line. You may hear it in town. ‼️‼️‼️

It was a bomb-y sort of night. We enjoyed watching the Celtics rain down thirteen 3-point bombs against Dallas, and indeed, we could hear the brief explosion in Needham.

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