Wellesley Police Chief Jack Pilecki exit interview covers 40 years of changes

Wellesley Police Chief Jack Pilecki will be retiring mid-year after some 40 years on the force, and will get plenty of accolades between now and then, including serving as Grand Marshal at the 56th Annual Wellesley Veterans Parade on May 19 during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.

Wellesley Media’s James Joyce has shared an exit interview with the Chief in which he discusses his road to the job, how Wellesley has changed over the years, and how the nature of police services has changed (way more mental health calls). Pilecki discusses the concepts of community policing, from interactions with residents every day to working with the schools and houses of worship in town on security measures. The interview also touches on the departments adoption of technology (drones, license plate readers, etc.) and embrace of climate-friendly policies.

Pilecki ends the interview giving a plug for Deputy Chief Scott Whittemore to succeed him. A decision on who will be the next chief will be made through a town process.

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