Wellesley residential property sales for April 16-19, 2024

Buyer/sSeller/sProperty addressDate of saleSale price
Michael E Hallor RET & Hallor, Michael ELyx Wellesley Inv LLC148 Weston Rd Lot 20304/19/2024$2,175,000
Yan, Longhao & Feng, HengKane Built Inc35 Grantland Rd04/19/2024$2,399,000
Jin, Haoli & Zhang, XiaohuiAlice T Burgess RET & Reed, Thomas A19 Wall St04/19/2024$1,870,000
37 Livermore Rd Rt & Greene, Thomas MMartin, Zachary S & Martin, Laurel G37 Livermore Rd04/18/2024$3,700,000
Delcourt, Emile & Delcourt, Catherine RHallor, Ellen S58 Curve St04/18/2024$1,357,500
Michaelides, Ares M & Berardelli, Lynn MChristopher P Lawler RET & Lawler, Christopher P11 Cypress Rd04/18/2024$2,900,000
Roche, Edward G32 Standish Circle LLC32 Standish Cir04/17/2024$2,300,000
18 Valley Road Rt & Mittelholzer, Kerry FVan Dernoot, Paula S18 Valley Rd04/16/2024$4,550,000
Pancratov, Raluca & Ntziachristos, PanagiotisFox, Kimberly A29 Sheridan Rd04/16/2024$1,829,000
Ritchie, Kenneth P & Perocchi, Anna KLawrence E Scott 2019 RET & Scott, Lawrence E121 Glen Rd04/16/2024$2,800,000


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