Wellesley Amateur Radio Society holding annual Field Day in Needham

The Wellesley Amateur Radio Society will hold its annual Field Day at the Needham Memorial Park gazebo (92 Rosemary Street) on the weekend of June 22 and 23 in coordination with the American Radio Relay League.

The goal of Field Day is to practice emergency communications under sub-optimal conditions so that the group can stay prepared with direct radio communications for an actual emergency, loss of power, or loss of cellular or internet connectivity. A secondary goal is to encourage the public to explore radio service and and learn about it as a hobby.

On Saturday, June 22 at 11am, the group  will set up temporary antennas and radios and contact other amateur (“ham”) radio stations across the United States who are also set up in similar conditions until 8PM as well as Sunday from 8:30am-Noon. This effort allows participants to exercise deploying equipment and sending information as might be needed during an actual emergency, exploring new technology and have some fun over the weekend.

Wellesley, neighboring towns, the state, local hospitals, and other groups can request backup communications assistance during emergencies or planned town events.

The Wellesley Amateur Radio Society was formed in February of 1951 as an amateur radio communications group serving Wellesley and the surrounding area. The group gets together weekly via radio and meets monthly at the Wellesley Police station for social gatherings and technical talks. The public is encouraged to attend the meetings.

Field Day at Needham gazebo (Courtesy photo)
Field Day at Needham gazebo (Courtesy photo)


Fun fact: Mrs. Swellesley’s Dad was a ham radio operator, with an official license plate & everything.

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