$35M Belclare Wellesley condo/retail complex breaks ground

Belclare Building Front HR Compressed

Wellesley has waited 7 years for something/anything to happen at the old Wellesley Inn site, and on Wednesday ground was broken for the $35 million Belclare condo complex and commercial real estate project.

A canned quote from Wellesley executive director Hans Larsen in the Belclare Wellesley press release refers to the project as “an important part of the healing process” to fill in the long-barren space. The gushing release goes on to pump up the project, packing in terms like discerning, elegant, quintessentially, luxury, stately and refined.

As we mentioned over the weekend, it won’t be cheap to get in on the 25 luxury condos (unless perhaps you qualify for one of the 5 “inclusionary” units that will be fitted into 2 New England Colonial Revival buildings). Developer Noannet Group is pitching most of the Washington Street units to people looking to downsize from their mansions but stick around in town at a location from which they can easily access downtown. Prices range from $1.4M to $3M-plus, and the  high-ceiling condos span from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet in size, with assorted layouts available. And yes, you can even combine 2- and 3-bedroom units if you’re especially well-heeled.

Noannet released a couple of nice artist’s renderings of the Belclare, the centerpiece of which will be a white clapboard and stone building with a private courtyard.

The commercial space will feature a restaurant and shops, according to the developer.

Noannet’s Jordan Warshaw says small construction work will take place in coming weeks, followed by the “big dig” starting in January.

Belclare Garden Court HR Compressed