Wellesley College campus, Lake Waban path closed to public due to coronavirus concerns

Wellesley College recently asked nicely for people outside of its community to stay clear of campus, but throngs were still descending upon it as of this past weekend. Cars were lined up along Rtes. 16 and 135, creating something of a circus for the students and campus employees who remain during the coronavirus outbreak. The already narrow path around Lake Waban had become uncomfortably crowded for anyone trying to stay socially distanced.

Now the College has issued an update, backed by the Town of Wellesley and Wellesley Police Department:

Effective March 31, Wellesley College campus is closed to the public.

Campus buildings and facilities are only open to students remaining on campus, faculty, and staff. All athletics facilities—indoor and outdoor, including the track, fields, and tennis courts—are closed. Only Wellesley College registered vehicles will be permitted to park in campus parking lots. 

Additionally, both the College and the Hunnewell family, owners of the property next to the College that also borders Lake Waban, have decided to close the privately owned walking path around Lake Waban to the public. Only faculty, staff, and students (no guests) are welcome to walk on Wellesley College’s portion of the lake path, and around campus, while maintaining social distance.

Wellesley police have offered to help the College enforce this by limiting parking along Route 135, Route 16, and Pond Road, and our Campus Police will ask visitors they encounter on campus to leave immediately.

Boardwalk, Lake Waban, Wellesley
Boardwalk through the marsh at Lake Waban


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