Wellesley RDF Reusables Area slated to close after Dec. 2 (weather dependent)

The last day for the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility’s Reusables Area (aka, give and take) this season is scheduled to be Saturday, Dec. 2.

RDF Director James Manzolini adds: “I also cannot emphasize enough that that open thru date is weather dependent.” In other words, bad weather ahead of that date could close it down earlier.

The Reusables Area is the spot at the RDF where people can leave and take things, giving new life to old stuff. It is largely managed by volunteers, and we thank them for their service this season.

You just never know what you might find at the Reusables Area (Lady Godiva gallops into the Wellesley RDF Give and Take area).

If you’re looking for an RDF Reusables alternative during the off-season, a private Facebook group called Wellesley Give & Take is one option.

wellelsey rdf give and take opening week

“Yup, it is Swellesley to Live in Wellesley”

A reader recently sent us a photo of this framed art, found at the Recycling & Disposal Facility’s Give & Take area, that reads: “Yup, it is Swellesley to Live in Wellesley.”

On the back of the painting is a marketing sheet (smart move) for the artist, dug Nap, who operates out of Vermont and whose website says his oils, acrylics and other work “defies categorization.”

We reached out to find out what possessed him to create this particular piece (I assured him that having your stuff recycled at the dump should be taken as a point of pride). Turns out Wellesley Holiday Boutique in Wellesley Square used to sell his prints.


Painting by dug Nap


Hat tip to reader Lynne Smith for passing this item along to us.

We also appreciate those who take our news to give back if they can…