Wellesley Celebrations Committee announces 2024 theme for annual Veterans Parade—hint: hug a medic

The Wellesley Celebrations Committee has announced that the theme for the 2024 annual Veterans Parade, slated for Sunday, May 19, will be the “200th Anniversary of Modern Battlefield Medicine Advancements.”

There’s much to celebrate on that front—over the past 200 years, combat soldiers have benefited from the emergence of anesthesia, X-rays, antibiotics, and blood transfusions. That time period also saw the development of the modern triage system, which puts the most severely wounded soldiers first for care, and the development of new strategies and equipment for the evacuation and transport of casualties to medical facilities. If you ever saw the 1970s TV show M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) starring Alan Alda, and set during the Korean War, you saw these advancements portrayed.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, encampment
Military encampment reenactment in front of Wellesley Town Hall, 2018


Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, encampment
Military encampment reenactment in front of Wellesley Town Hall, 2022

The 56th Veteran’s Parade will be one of many events held during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend including a town picnic, concert, and fireworks. The weekend will kick off on Friday, May 17 with historical displays at the library and culminate on Sunday, May 19, with the fireworks display.

Here’s the schedule of events.

How to help the Celebrations Committee

Volunteer—from parade day management, to the antique car and convertible committee, to fundraising, there’s plenty to do to prepare for the big weekend.

Too busy to volunteer? Make a tax-deductible donation.

Nominate an honoree—Typically there are over a dozen honorees across the following categories:

  • Community Service Awards (For those whose have volunteered their skills, ideas and devotion, making the town a better place.) Can be an individual, or a business know for its willingness to help out.
  • Dedicated Service Awards (For those who have changed the community for the better through their commitment, compassion, and vision.) Often a Town employee.
  • Special Recognition Awards (Often long-time local businesses.)
  • Learn more about honorees from previous years.

Be in the parade—community groups, marching bands, circus acts, and more join in the madness every year. So should you.

Calling all Wellesley veterans—sign up to participate in the parade, reviewing stand, and reception.

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