Wellesley’s Door No. 7 morphing into Wellesley Tavern

What’s behind Door No. 7? It turns out that it’s the Wellesley Tavern.

Door No. 7, the very grown up Linden Square restaurant that opened about two years ago, is giving way to a more family friendly eatery dubbed Wellesley Tavern that plans to open in late November. The restaurant’s website has already been converted.

Door No. 7, which was located across the street from Laura and John Wolfe’s Cottage restaurant, looked to provide a fine dining option to those who didn’t want to travel into Boston or Cambridge. The upscale restaurant emphasized small plates, a raw bar, and craft cocktails, all served up in a classy and sleek atmosphere.

Door No. 7 restaurant, mushroom
Dishing it up at Door No. 7


The Wellesley Tavern (who hasn’t wanted a tavern in town, even if you still need to order food to get a drink?) promises “sandwiches, salads, burgers, tacos, sushi, shared plates and entrees.” The tavern will be open for lunch and dinner, with takeout and delivery available.

The restaurant owners say on their website: “Thank you to all of our dedicated customers who have supported Door No. 7 for nearly two years. COVID-19 has shown us that the local dining scene has changed – especially when it comes to fine dining. It is with that in mind that we’ve made the decision to close Door No. 7 and pivot to a more family-friendly, accessible concept.”

Wellesley Tavern has previewed its menu, and while an “accessible concept” sounds good, inquiring minds want to know if the prices will be accessible. No details on that yet.

Both The Cottage and Door No. 7 closed early during the pandemic and didn’t reopen until August.

Door No 7

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