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Relive Wellesley High girls’ hockey team’s run to State Championship game

Rebekah Caron, sports producer at Wellesley Media Corp., recently finished a documentary called “Two Points” on the Wellesley High School Raiders Girls’ Ice Hockey Team’s 2nd consecutive run to the MIAA State Championship finals during 2014/2015 season. Relive the highs and lows. Plus, bloopers at the end of the video…

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Don’t blame Wellesley Middle Schoolers for this mess

Kingsbury st makeover wellesley middle schoolKingsbury Street in Wellesley, as you might have seen, has been undergoing a makeover that should make pickup and drop-off at Wellesley Middle School smoother this year. Much of the work, which includes sturdy granite curbing and better drainage design, should be done by the time school starts on Sept 2, but at least this week, there’s still lots of tidying up to do…Kingsbury st makeover wellesley middle school

For those parents still hoping to avoid Kingsbury Street and drop kids off at the Donizetti Street school entrance, be warned that Donizetti will still be off-limits for that.Kingsbury st makeover wellesley middle school

Separately, Wellesley High School is attempting to make pickup and dropoff work better this school year as well. Principal Jamie Chisum issued a memo this week alerting parents and students about a new traffic pattern (see below) designed in part through observations collected by those suspicious characters hovering around the school last year in bright vests and with notepads in hand.

new wellesley high traffic pattern

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Car takes out utility pole overnight on Cedar Street in Wellesley

UPDATE (Friday AM): Pole and wires at least temporarily fixed & power restored on Friday AM.cedar st pole restored wellesley














A car took out a utility pole on Cedar Street in Wellesley overnight across from Temple Beth Elohim. A passerby saw three occupants of the car standing around, and said it appeared that no serious injuries occurred to the people anyway. Wellesley police responded to the incident.

cedar st accident wellesley

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Rest assured Wellesley, even McMansions probably won’t last forever

Home on Dover Road with historical plaque goes down in Wellesley

This home on Dover Road in Wellesley, complete with historical plaque, recently was razed

During a recent getaway to Newport, R.I., and visits to a couple of the mansions there (Marble House, The Elms), we came across a “Lost Newport” display on the many mansions that were demolished. We couldn’t help but think of the ongoing housing transition in Wellesley, where sort of the opposite is happening: Older and typically smaller homes are being wiped out to make way for bigger ones, sometimes of the McMansion variety.

Newport still has a select few mansions to show off, including some — like The Elms — that were barely saved thanks to the efforts of the Preservation Society of Newport County. Others, like the Astors’ Beechwood “cottage,” have been gobbled up by the new rich and may or may not allow public access (in Beechwood’s case, Oracle founder and gazillionaire Larry Ellison bought the property and is said to be turning at least part of it into a museum to contain some of his art collection).

As the Townsman recently noted, Wellesley’s Historical Commission has limited power to save the town’s older houses, though it is possible the town could consider instituting more historic districts or reworking zoning rules in an effort to save some of Wellesley’s old look and feel.

hunnewell mansion wellesley

Hunnewell mansion on Washington Street

If so, maybe someday visitors to Wellesley will be taking tours of the Hunnewell mansion and others built more recently.

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Newport Marble House

Marble House in Newport

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Mars astronaut hopeful stationed on planet Wellesley for now

Astronaut Abby wellesley

Astronaut Abby

Abigail Harrison, an enterprising 18-year-old from Minneapolis whose goal is to be the first astronaut to Mars, this month has landed at Wellesley College as a first-year student.

I can already detect the sound of Wellesley STEM Expo organizers beating a path to Astronaut Abby‘s dorm.

In a short number of years, this Space Camp veteran has made quite a name for herself on behalf of “the Mars Generation.” Harrison has befriended astronauts, toured dozens of space-related facilities, been interviewed by numerous publications and attended a couple of space craft launches, including one in Kazakhstan two years ago. She has spread her message of dreaming big and loving STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) at 30-plus schools, encouraging kids to get excited about science and nudging adults to fund STEM programs. You can also check out her inspirational TEDx talk delivered in Tampa at the age of 16 in the video at bottom of this post and view her recent web interview with Andy Weir, author of The Martian book that’s being converted into a Matt Damon-led movie.

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Astronaut Abby is also a tireless social media participant, and has been sharing her start at Wellesley College via her blog and with her nearly 21K Instagram followers and almost 45K Twitter followers (#MarsorBust2030).

So yes, before zooming off to the Red Planet, Harrison is making an extended pit stop on the Yellow Planet (the official color for the Wellesley College class of 2019).wellesley college balloons

Harrison has already taken a bunch of science courses at the University of Minnesota via a dual-credit program through Minneapolis Public Schools, and plans to expand her knowledge at Wellesley College, likely studying Microbiology and/or Astrophysics, along with a minor in Chinese. While focused on the sciences, she likes the idea of being at a liberal arts school so that she’s surrounded by people with many different interests.

Though Harrison also appreciates the fact that Wellesley College has faculty and graduates who are or have been active with NASA and/or Mars research, and she hopes one day to meet Pamela Melroy, a 1983 grad who went on to become a space shuttle commander.

Wellesley College’s Whitin Observatory was also a big draw: “I plan to spend a lot of time there these next four years. I grew up in Minneapolis, so even though the stars have always fascinated me, I have not had the best vantage point. Now I get to see the stars close up and I can’t wait!”

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Wellesley MLP’s next act: serving up Internet and phone service?

wellesley mlp municipal light plantThe Wellesley Municipal Light Plant has long provided the town with a reliable and price-competitive source of energy, and in recent years has continued to innovate, supporting the move to greener power sources and even working to improve cellular phone service in town by installing new antennas that wireless carriers might exploit. The WMLP’s next move could be really exciting though: It is forming an ad hoc Internet Exploratory Committee (IEC) consisting of MLP staff and board members, as well as Internet-savvy residents, to determine whether it might make sense for the organization to become an Internet service provider (ISP), too.

Given that the leading IPSs in the area such as Verizon and Comcast often elicit complaints about their high pricing (Verizon in particular) and less-than-spectacular customer service (Comcast is legendarily challenged here), the WMLP might present some very welcome competition.

Here’s what WMLP Director Dick Joyce has to say about the effort (he cautioned that he has limited knowledge here, but he seemed pretty up on things to me):

What’s the impetus for looking into this?  Speed?  Cost savings?  Other stuff?

All of the above.  The MLP believes we can provide Internet service (and possibly land line telephone service) to Wellesley residents and businesses at state-of-the-art speed at much less cost.  In December 2014 the MLP purchased Verizon’s share of all jointly-owned poles in Wellesley which would considerably facilitate a Town-wide fiber installation.

What might possible outcomes be?

Other Massachusetts communities have systematically entered into the Internet business by focusing on large commercial customers.  In Wellesley, where more than half of the kilowatt-hour sales are to non-residential accounts there would appear to Read More »

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Female playwrights’ works headed to Wellesley stage in September

our voices 9 wellesleyThe ninth annual Our Voices Festival will take place on Sept. 12 at Wellesley College, giving female poets and playwrights from the Boston area a chance to brainstorm and swap advice during the day, and then present staged readings at night for the public’s enjoyment.

The evening event is free and starts at 7pm at the Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre on the Wellesley College campus. Seating is first come, first served.

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Wellesley’s St. James the Great church buildings slowly disappearing

st james the great church wellesley

The words “St. James” live on in this metal railing

If you haven’t been past the Wellesley’s St. James the Great Church and rectory site on Rte. 9, here’s the latest: The buildings have been hollowed out. The windows are no more. The only literal remnant of “St. James” we saw was on some ironwork, shown here.

The church’s teardown will pave the way for new recreational facilities to be determined.st james the great wellesleyst james the great wellesley

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