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Wellesley invites public to weigh in on possible town pool plan

The 900 Worcester Street Committee and the Aquatics Subcommittee invite you to attend a public forum to participate in the Aquatic Facility Needs Assessment Study and to take an online survey.
The appropriation to the 900 Worcester Street Committee made under Article 9 at STM on October 27, 2014 included $50,000 for an Aquatic Facility Study.  The Aquatics subcommittee of the 900 Worcester Street Committee is working with ConsultEcon, Inc. and Isaac Sports Group to perform this important step in determining the aquatic needs of the Town and feasibility of an aquatics facility at the 900 Worcester Street location.  Please join the Aquatics Subcommittee at our upcoming public forums to discuss the future of aquatics in Wellesley.
The first Public Forum is scheduled for Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of Town Hall

The second Public Forum is scheduled for Thursday, June 11th at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of Town Hall

If you cannot attend one of the public sessions but would like to give comments or feedback please email [email protected].

And to take the online survey, head here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/wellesleyaquaticsurvey7

Information on the 900 Worcester Street Committee and the Aquatics Subcommittee can be found at: 900 Worcester Street Information
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Wednesday night lights: Try out new AfterDark Flag Football gear at Babson

AfterDark football wellesley









If you’d like to try out some cool new light-up flag football gear from a recent Babson College MBA grad’s business, you can register for free to use it in an actual game at the school’s McDowell Field this Wednesday, May 27 from 7:30-10pm.

AfterDark Technologies‘ gear includes light-up fiber-optic jerseys and flags, including pulsing light on the QB’s jersey to eliminate the need for rushers to count “Mississippis”. Cones and footballs with LEDs keep the game glowing. (See AfterDark equipment in action in video below.)

Founder/CEO Dan Wilson says he launched AfterDark to “catch the night.”


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Wellesley Middle School drama to showcase student-written performance

The Wellesley Middle School drama department presents “I Love Broc ‘N Roll,” an original comedy written by WMS 8th graders Cameron MacKinnon and Max Randall. The pair entered their script in the school’s 3rd annual 8th grade playwriting contest, and their work was selected from several entries.

imgresAlso to be featured as part of the evening showcase is an original piece created by a group of 6th graders who worked with Emerson College graduate student Julie Clarke. Clarke led the group with prompts and activities and pouf! A script was created. The short 6th grade presentation will be performed before “Broc ‘N Roll.

Performances at the WMS auditorium:
Thursday, May 28, 4:30pm
Friday, May 29, 7:00pmAdmission is free, donations are accepted
I Love Broc ‘N Roll Director is Leah Fine
6th Grade Play Director is Julie Clarke
Technical Director is Joel Praino


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8-car crash on Rte. 9 East in Wellesley

Rte 9 east kingsbury crash

Sent via Swellesley reader LA

Wellesley Police and Fire Departments attended to an 8-car crash on Rte. 9 East at Kingsbury Street in Wellesley as the Middle School was letting out. Reader LA sent us this photo, and Wellesley Police also shared an image. Police reported minor injuries.

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Wellesley resident shares family’s solar story

solar panels smith street wellesley

Smith Street solar panels (via Doug Gribbel)

Wellesley has been aggressive over the past year in promoting solar energy for residents and businesses, offering some great deals based on group buying across town.

Among those who took advantage of the incentives was Doug Gribbel, whose family’s Smith Street home near the Wellesley High football field and track has been solarized. He’s now sharing his story via a new Facebook page called Wellesley Solar Geek. I caught up with Doug to get more details on why he’s sold on solar energy.

What first sparked your interest in going solar, and how long did it take you pull the trigger from that point?
We used to live in California, another solar-friendly state, but our house had a Spanish tile roof and was not a good candidate to go solar. When we bought our house in Wellesley last year, I knew it was a good solar candidate. As soon as we finished renovating the inside, I started shopping for solar options for the outside.

Were you the driving force in your household on this? 
I was the driving force to go solar, but we all liked the idea of generating our own clean energy. I think my 16-year-old son was secretly hoping that it might encourage me to buy a Tesla electric car.

Have you ever worked in solar… or not to be indelicate, but do you have anything to gain by promoting this other than to spread the word?  (What do you do for work?)
In CA, I used to work for SmartZip, a company that, among other things, analyzed the solar potential of homes. I know how valuable it is for solar companies to generate qualified leads because it’s a long sales process. I now work as an eCommerce Product Manager for Staples and have the technical understanding of how to advertise on Facebook and leverage social media. When I had a positive experience going solar, I wanted to spread the word to encourage others. For those whom I refer to the solar company that I used, they will save $500 and I will make a referral fee once they go solar. I plan to use part of these fees to continue to advertise the Wellesley Solar Geek page on Facebook to get the word out to other MA residents.

How good was your house rated as a solar candidate?
In order to be a good solar candidate, your house should have a large area of the roof that has a clear view of the southern sky. You can check this quickly by looking at an aerial view in Google maps. The panels are slightly larger than 3 x 5 feet and they don’t have to be all adjacent, as is the case on my house. I have panels on three different areas.

Despite the quick payback, pulling together $15K to invest in this sort of thing isn’t for everyone. Is it an all or nothing sort of proposition: Could you have gone into it at a lower starting price, or was $15K pretty much the standard starting price for your house?
I wanted to maximize my solar energy production (and thus savings) and my 4 kW system with 15 panels cost $14,895, before incentives, or about $1,000 per panel. Some solar companies offer low-cost lease programs, but they are not as attractive from a financial standpoint. From my perspective, I invested less than I would have paid to remodel another bathroom and instantly increased the market value of my home by much more than my initial net cash outlay. With incentives, I recovered over $6,500  within a month of my install. With a 25-year warranty on the panels, the solar benefits are completely transferable to the next home owner.

solar panels smith street wellesley

No sign of solar panels from the front at Smith Street (via Doug Gribbel)

What were your major concerns about going solar? 
I probably wouldn’t have gone solar if it meant covering the front roof with panels. If you walk by my house on the Brook path or Read More »

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Lady’s Slippers pop up at Pickle Point

lady's slippers pickle point morses pondLady’s Slippers have sprung up along Morses Pond at Pickle Point.

(Thanks to Wellesley Trails Committee’s Miguel Lessing for passing along the photos.)Lady's Slippers at Pickle Point at Morses Pond in Wellesley

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Wellesley RDF closed on Memorial Day

Wellesley RDF, May 2015

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Wellesley RDF wants you to collect kitchen scraps and rain

Wellesley RDFAlso of interest…

Here’s why Wellesley RDF ended plastic bag recycling

Why Wellesley RDF is closed most Sundays

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