Wellesley Scout sign-up Sept. 4

Sign up for Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, co-ed Venture Crew, Daisies, Brownies, Junior, Cadette, Senior or Ambassador Girl Scouts all at one convenient location at the Wellesley Scout Roundup.

Try out cool Scout STEM projects like soda bottle rockets and a hovercraft.  Learn about our outdoor adventures and check out our tent and mock campfire.  The Roundup will be held Thursday, September 4, 2014 from 7-8:30 at the Wellesley Community Center, 219 Washington St (intersection of Rt. 16 and ramp for Rt. 9 (W).

Girls in Kindergarten through grade 12 and boys in first grade to age 18 are eligible for Scouting.  High school boys and girls are welcome to join the co-ed Venturing program sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.

For further information on programming for boys and co-ed Venture Crew, contact Stephen Scherrer ([email protected]) or for girls, contact Laura Foody ([email protected]).

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Wellesley Mothers Forum celebrates summer at Morses Pond

Wellesley Mothers Forum cookout Morses PondThe Wellesley Mothers Forum held its annual cookout at Morses Pond on Saturday. Looks like attendees had a good time, and no, that isn’t the pond the kids are sitting in (photos courtesy of Swapan Jha and Mothers Forum). Upcoming events include a new member soiree (Sept. 9) and fall carnival (Sept. 20).Wellesley Mothers Forum cookout Morses Pond














Here’s a look at the group’s 2014-15 Board of Directors and volunteers. The 500-plus-member strong forum is led this year by Co-Presidents Meryl Glassman and Nerine Warasta, pictured at the bottom of the stairs.Wellesley Mothers Forum 2014-15 board and volunteers

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Musical Pippin playing in Wellesley Aug. 22-23

Pippin_DumpsterPippin, the Musical will be performed by Wellesley Theatre Project students on Aug. 22 (7pm) and 23 (2pm), and the shows at Babson College’s Sorenson Center are open to the public. Many interpretations of Pippin have been performed over the years, and the nonprofit WTP’s will take the story to the streets of San Francisco in the 1970s.

Tickets are priced $12 for adults and $6 for students and seniors, and may be purchased online at www.wellesleytheatreproject.org in advance, or at the door for $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors.

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Wellesley North 40 Open Garden event, trails walk draw big crowds

Photos courtesy of Michael Tobin

Photos courtesy of Michael Tobin

About 100 people attended Saturday morning’s Open Garden event at the Weston Road Community Gardens  in the North 40 area that Wellesley College is looking to sell in order to fund big renovations on its campus.

Gardener and organizer Michael Tobin says proceeds from a lemonade stand and donated vegetables from gardeners were given to the Save the North 40 group. Cherry tomatoes were given to all.

Weston Road Community GardensThe event, organized to increase awareness of the community gardens, complemented a Wellesley Trails Committee guided tour of the North 40 trails. That walk attracted about 50 people.

Another guided North 40 walk is slated for Saturday, Sept. 13 from 9-10am.Weston Road Community GardensWeston Road Community Gardens


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Tiny Hanger expanding from Brookline into Wellesley

Tiny HangerTiny Hanger, a mom-owned retailer of little kids’ clothes, shoes and gifts, has announced that it will be opening a location this month at 200 Linden St., in Linden Square in Wellesley. It already has a location on Pleasant Street in Brookline that’s been around since October 2011.

Tiny Hanger is sharing space with the Kenzie Kids/K*Girl store that’s been in Linden Square for a while.

If you’re looking for work, here’s Tiny Hanger’s job ad.

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Wellesley community gardeners: No need to start moving perennials now

Weston Road community garden, 2014Wellesley College has alerted Weston Road Community Gardeners, whose plots are at risk of being plowed over depending on who the school sells off its North 4o property to, that they have a reprieve through at least the 2015 growing season.

The letter sent by the college can be seen at the North 40 Wellesley Project blog. And here’s a summary from the college:

“The College has heard the concerns around community garden space for the summer of 2015. While Wellesley College has no specific plans in place for our property at this time, our current timeline indicates that any possible development activities will not begin until the 2015 growing season has ended, and we are pleased to let you know that we will continue to offer the community gardens for public use throughout the next growing season.  Potential buyers or lessees will be advised of this commitment during the bidding process. There is no need to start moving your perennials now.”

Gardeners plan to show off their plots on the morning of Saturday Aug. 9 in conjunction with a Wellesley Trails Committee guided walk of the North 40 trails.

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Review: Juniper restaurant a special new Wellesley Square dining spot

20140802-104018-38418642.jpgWe recently tried out Juniper, the Wellesley Square restaurant that has opened in the former Milestone location, to see what the newest eatery in town had to offer.  We figured an early evening Friday dinner in August would allow us to avoid the hassle of a typical weekend crowd and the possible wait time that might bring.   Since Juniper doesn’t  take reservations and is only open for dinner to start, that kind of planning is advised.

We showed up at 6:15pm and just squeaked in ahead of the rush, with diner wannabes who came in after us facing long wait times. We had a good view of the action from our 2-person table just inside the restaurant behind a curtain and window. An eclectic mix of music played in the background and the restaurant buzzed with “We’re in the hot new place” excitement.

The decor at Sweet Basil‘s sister restaurant is attractive, including a domed ceiling, orange chandeliers and handy coat hooks on the walls next to tables. An old radio console has been converted into host’s stand, and a riddling rack serves as a wall hanging, containing flowers rather than the wine bottles they’re designed to hold.

For starters we tried out the eggplant baba ghanoush served with pita bread.  Its creamy texture and smoky flavor, along with the homemade pita, made it a winner.  Next was the souvlaki, marinated and grilled chicken and pork skewers served on a bed of greens. Very tasty, and oh so Mediterranean.20140802-104015-38415969.jpg

From there I had the seafood couscous, made with mussels, swordfish, and octopus.  I ordered it with low hopes for the octopus part of the meal, figuring it would have the texture of rubber.  The whole briny-tasting dish was amazing and generously portioned. The octopus part of was just so beautifully presented in all its cephalopod glory, rather than skulking under the swordfish and mussels as if it knew it was just a folly ingredient, there only to allow a diner to say she’s eaten octopus.  That octopus was literally fork tender and left me thinking maybe octopus doesn’t have to be a supporting ingredient.  Maybe in the right hands, it could actually be the star someday.20140802-104017-38417344.jpg

My generally hard-to-please date went with the grilled and fork tender swordfish, served atop chickpea panisse and complemented with a harissa aioli sauce and beets/orange salad (he left the beets alone). Truly delicious.20140802-104016-38416677.jpg

My date, a sucker for coconut anything, steered us toward the Greek Revani cake for dessert. It was dense, but good. More than we really needed after gorging ourselves on the apps and entrees.20140802-104017-38417997.jpg

Eating at Juniper can be pricey, especially if you’re trying a lot of items like we did for the purpose of this review. Our entrees each neared $30, and our total bill topped $100 when apps, dessert and drinks (homemade lemonade and Jack’s Abby beer from Framingham) added up. But you can get away with a reasonably priced  night out there if you limit yourself to appetizers and drinks (our polite and friendly waitress said you can sit at the bar for a couple of drinks, but need to order food if you want to stick around, per town rules).

Our service was fantastic (more on Juniper’s hiring process here) and we were table tapped by the manager a few times, making us wonder if we’d blown our cover…

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Open garden tour to piggyback on North 40 trail walk

Weston Road community garden, 2014Weston Road community gardeners plan to host an open garden tour on Saturday, Aug. 9 from 9-11am, complementing the North 40 guided trail walk organized by the Wellesley Trails Committee from 9-10am that day. The walk begins and ends at the Morses Pond entrance at Turner Road, and makes a stop at the community gardens.

The gardeners plan to share their talents, knowledge and gardens with those interested in checking them out. Wellesley College has provided use of the gardening land for over 60 years and more than 60 Wellesley families and community organizations (with a long waiting list) use this land to eat locally grown food, maintain open space, and provide weekly donations of produce to the Wellesley Food Pantry.  There’s concern by gardeners about what will happen to the North 40 property depending upon who buys the land from Wellesley College.Save the North 40 sign

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Proud of their Wellesley historic home plaque

75 Abbott Road historical plaqueTo The Editor

We were very pleased to receive a plaque from the Wellesley Historical Commission for our house at 75 Abbott Road (plaque is on the right front of house). We have lived there for over 35 years and appreciate being able to attach a plaque which honors this wonderful house. Built in 1901 by Elizabeth Longfellow Brown, it is one of the original Belvedere houses. The architect was Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr., a nephew of the poet. We are grateful to have this plaque as a badge of honor.

We want to thank the Wellesley Historical Commission and in particular Josh Dorin for his tireless efforts in extending the plaque program to houses that were built 100 plus years ago starting with Abbott Road. Without Josh, this would not have happened. He did extensive research on each house and presented the owners with a detailed summary. He attended a meeting at our house and explained the plaque program to our neighbors whose houses qualified for the plaques. We have always thought that Abbott Road is Wellesley’s most beautiful street, and so far it has been spared from the wanton demolitions we see around town. We hope the addition of these plaques will discourage people from demolishing their houses.

We encourage residents of the streets, particularly in the Belvedere neighborhood, to petition the Wellesley Historical Commission to include their streets in the plaque program. There really is no downside to having a plaque which is only a mark of distinction. No rules or restrictions are attached.


Bill and Carol Mone

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The other Wellesley community gardens

The Weston Road community gardens have been getting extra attention of late since they’re in the middle of the North 40 property that Wellesley College is looking to sell.

Not to be forgotten: the plots across town at the Brookside community gardens at Brookside Road and Oakland Street.







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