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Wellesley pizza place under renovation

Nick's Pizza, Wellesley HillsI was shopping over by Nick’s Pizza House at 263 Washington St. and saw that it was closed for remodeling, according to a sign in the window. The sign at the long-time pizza joint, located near Marathon Sports and Your French Gift, didn’t give a hint about when it might reopen.

If it’s typically Nick’s or nothing for you, you’ve got two choices. Either get your fix at their Natick location at 179 West Central St., or you can fill the void by patronizing the one or two (or some say 10+) other pizza places in town until the construction dust at Nick’s clears.

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Wellesley: Feel and fund the funk

dave adams funk music wellesleyWellesley High School alum Dave Adams is seeking the public’s help through a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production this year of a funk music album dubbed Bounce Classic.

An alto sax player, Adams has made a name for himself as a musician through his work in the band Addison Groove Project and more recently, East Coast Soul. Wellesley-based Addison Groove Project,  formed by Adams and friends at WHS in 1997, won the WBCN Battle of the Bands that year and went on to tour nationally for about 10 years. (“There are no words to describe this experience for me, other than I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it,” he says.)

“I’ve always had a strong tie with Wellesley, having lived there since I was born until I graduated from WHS in 1998,” Adams says. “I first picked up the alto saxophone in the 4th Grade and fell in love with the instrumental music program that Wellesley has always provided for students in their public school system. There is no doubt that I would not be where I am now, having accomplished so much musically throughout my career, without the support from my teachers in the Wellesley Public Schools Performing Arts Department. Henry Platt, Steve Scott, and Sandra Nicolucci have played a major role in my musical path. I am now a devoted music teacher and active musician because of their mentorship.”

Adams has actually met his original Kickstarter funding goal of $5,000 but is seeking a few thousand more by July 9 to cover the real costs of recording time, musicians’ time in the studio and post production. Recording is taking place this summer. The album will initially be produced as a digital download.

Bounce Classic wellesley funkHere’s Adams’ explanation of where the album name, Bounce Classic, comes from: “The word ‘bounce’ is to reflect the overall vibe of the album, and the grooves of the album that will hopefully make the listener bounce along to the music. The word ‘classic’ is homage to all of the classic funk albums I’ve listened to that have influenced and inspired me to create my own music.

Musical influences that have sparked Adams’ writing for this album include The Meters, Parliament, Herbie Hancock and Prince.

You can hear more from Adams, who is now a middle school music teacher, in this recent interview.

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Wellesley Fire Chief spreads word about fireworks safety

fireworks2010Wellesley Fire Chief Rick DeLorie, the new president of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts, is urging residents to leave fireworks to the professionals this July 4 holiday season.

“It’s [a warning] not only for our residents while in Wellesley but a reminder of the dangers of fireworks that exist for our families that may travel to states like New Hampshire where fireworks are legally accessible,” he says.

State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan says in a statement: “Only licensed professionals are allowed to use fireworks in Massachusetts at displays supervised by local fire departments for safety.”

More info, including stats and gory anecdotes, here.


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Co-owner of Wellesley Square’s Vision Optics passes away

A Swellesley reader wrote to share with us that Krikor “Koko” Gilikevorkian, co-owner of Vision Optics in Wellesley Square, recently passed away at the age of 82.

“I had been getting my glasses from him for 15ish years and he was a great guy.  I was very sad to hear of his passing,” the reader wrote.

You can read more about Gilikevorkian here.

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Purple Alert: Anyone seen this toy bunny in Wellesley?

UPDATE (6/28): Mr. Purples has returned…Happy ending.


A Wellesley family that apparently spends a lot of time at grocery stores is seeking help finding their kid’s toy, Mr. Purples. The toy bunny appears to be plush and purple.

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Wellesley: Home of beer & wine

wellesley beer and wineA big flappy Beer & Wine banner greeted Rte. 9 East travelers yesterday as they crossed into Wellesley, where even cheese and grocery stores now sell booze, if you can imagine such a thing.

But the signage, not far from the Natick wine and beer shop on that stretch of Rte. 9, has disappeared today.

(Thanks to reader LR for sending the photo.)

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Confederate flag flies in Wellesley

confederate flag in wellesleyA truck cruised through Wellesley on Saturday flying the confederate and American flags, stirring emotions, including via a bunch of comments on our Facebook page.

RELATED: Find a Walpole Confederate flag solution (figured this might be relevant to WHS athletes who have competed in Walpole in recent years)

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Wellesley schools thank Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club for grants

We’ve been sent a couple of Thank You notes to pass along to the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club related to grants awarded to programs within the Wellesley Public School system. Here they are:

Dear Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club,

On behalf of the Wellesley Public Schools Central Council, we thank you for awarding us a grant in the amount of $6,650 to offer The Brain Show program to all Wellesley public elementary schools for the 2015-16 school year. This interactive, educational assembly will delight and inspire our elementary school students across the district and directly benefit over 2,300 students. The PTO budgets vary from school to school and we cannot thank you enough for helping us offer each school the opportunity to participate in the educational and engaging Brain Show program.


Amanda Kennedy, Schofield PTO President

Pamela Martin, Co Chair Creative Arts Central Council




The entire PAWS (Preschool at Wellesley Schools) community and PTO would like to thank the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club (WHJWC) for its generous grant of $1,500. 

PAWS is an integrated preschool program that provides high quality education and services to typically developing children and children with special needs. The mission of PAWS is to provide a stimulating learning environment that is safe and healthy and supports every child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. The PAWS Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) enhances the learning experience of all students at PAWS by funding the music and science programs, as well as needed items inside and outside of the classroom. It is through generous donations from families and grants from local organizations like the WHJWC that makes this possible.

One example of how PAWS uses these funds is the music enrichment program, which is a combination of music therapy and education for preschoolers age 2.9-5. While music is important for all learners, it is particularly important for special needs students (some of whom are nonverbal), which comprises 50%+ of the PAWS student population. The program is run by Ken DeRosario, a.k.a. “Ken the Music Man”. He is beloved by PAWS students, faculty/staff and parents. Ken visits the classrooms on a bi-weekly basis and lights up the room through music and dance.

One hundred percent of the funds raised through the WHJWC grant will go toward this music program, allowing PAWS to continue the program for the 2015-16 school year. Due to an increase in enrollment of both special needs and typically developing students, PAWS added an additional classroom in 2014-15 and is doing so again in 2015-16. The grant money will help PAWS defray a portion of the costs for the music enrichment program and ensure that the new classrooms can take part.

“We thank the WHJWC for their ongoing support of PAWS. This grant will benefit a program that is vital to the early education standards of our community and the foundation of successful lifelong learning,” said Melissa Coyle, 2014-15 Vice President and Fundraising Chair, PAWS PTO.

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