Broadway, Ballads & Boleros concert coming to Wellesley Hills church

Professional tenor Christian Figueroa, who has sung at Wellesley Hills Congregational Church for the past 8 years under the direction of John Finney, will join forces with Finney for a free concert on March 14 at 5pm at the church.

christian figueroa concertRELATED: Figueroa singing National Anthem at Fenway

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A conversation with playwright/novelist/performer Charles Busch

Charles Busch at Wellesley College

credit: Michael Wakefield

March 12th @ 4:30 ~ Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre in Alumnae Hall, Wellesley College

FREE! and open to the public.

A reception will follow after the conversation with Charles.

For information call the Box Office @ 781-283-2000

Charles Busch is the author and star of such plays as The Divine Sister, The Lady in Question, Red Scare on Sunset and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom; one of the longest running plays in the history of Off-Broadway.

His play The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife ran for 777 performances on Broadway, won the Outer Circle Critics’ John L. Gassner Award for playwriting and received a Tony nomination for Best Play. He wrote and starred in the film versions of his plays, Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommie Die, the latter of which won him the Best Performance Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

For two seasons, he appeared as Nat Ginzburg on the HBO series OZ and is the author of the auto-biographical novel Whores of Lost Atlantis. He has directed two films; the Showtime short subject, Personal Assistant, and a feature, A Very Serious Person, which won an honorable mention at the Tribeca Film Festival. Due to his love and knowledge of film and theatre history, he has appeared in numerous documentaries for Turner Classic Movies and has lectured and conducted master classes at many colleges and universities including NYU, Harvard, UCLA and Amherst College. In 2003, Mr. Busch received a special Drama Desk Award for career achievement as both performer and playwright and was given a star on the Playwrights Walk outside the Lucille Lortel Theatre. He is also the subject of the acclaimed documentary film The Lady in Question is Charles Busch. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

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Wellesley High hosts Swellesley Report (and others) at seminar day

FullSizeRender (14) (1)Once a year, Wellesley High School allows students to trade in a day of regular old school for something called Seminar Day, an event that draws over 100 speakers who share their expertise on everything from a behind the scenes look at securing the 2014 Boston Marathon to a peek into the experience of a Patriots cheerleader. Event organizers WHS Student Congress and the Seminar Day Committee decided to take a chance on The Swellesley Report for the second year in a row, so we presented “What They Don’t Teach You in Journalism Class.”

A solid crew of the curious, the desperate to get an attendance sticker on their card, and some future journalists showed up to find out what it takes to put together a community-based blog with a cheeky attitude. We told them the 5 W’s of it all (who, what, when where, why) and trotted out a few of our best-received stories from the past year. Funny thing about talking to the students about “What They Don’t Teach You in Journalism Class” is that “they” didn’t teach us any of it either. Most of the platforms we spoke about (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit) of course didn’t exist when we were in Journalism school, so many years ago. So yes, we fly by the seat of our pants here, but it’s all terribly exciting.

Some things don’t change, however, and that’s competition. We give our attendees a lot of credit for ignoring the siren song of presentations such as “Canine Companions for Independence Service Dogs.” That one included an actual live puppy. Talk about tough competition. Or what about WHS Sing-Off, a seminar given by the school’s four a cappella groups that is so popular that the divas need the entire auditorium to house their admirers. FullSizeRender (15) (1)And then there was rapper Cam Meekins (above, center), Wellesley High grad made bad (we don’t dare call him local boy made good) preaching it about the changing music industry.

If the Seminar Day Committee will have us back, we’ll give it another go next year, no matter how many puppies and rock stars they pit us against. Anything for the WHS students and blog post fodder.



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Wellesley’s Schofield school turning 50

LOGO_50Schofield Elementary School will celebrate turning 50 years young with an open-house birthday celebration on Saturday, March 7, 2pm – 4pm. There will be cake, of course, along with games and crafts, a photo booth, a time capsule, history displays,  and visits from former staff luminaries including David Wilkins, Diane Diamond, Jan Fovel, and Carolyn Collins.

We’re rather curious about the time capsule contents. What did the Schofield staff and students of 1965 put away for future generations to ponder? The capsule is surely too small for the then-ubiquitous but now nearly-extinct blackboard, but perhaps someone had the foresight to include some chalk. Some stale bubblegum could stand in for today’s Hi-chew candy. Dick_and_JaneMaybe a Fun with Dick and Jane reader will show up, or a letter from a student, begging the teachers of the future to abandon New Math.

If you need something to wear for the big day, there’s still time to shop at Shoppers Corner, the school’s in-house thrift/consignment clothing shop. It’s open Wednesdays, 8:30 am – 12:15 and Saturdays 9am – 11am.

And as you look toward Spring with its promise of outdoor activity, consider training for Schofield’s always fun annual 5k road race, scheduled for June 7. The day also includes a Fun Fair, because Schofield wouldn’t even consider throwing a party without a games and crafts component.

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Wellesley voters OK North 40 purchase, choose Warshaw over Glick for Planning Board

Wellesley voters overwhelmingly approved a debt exclusion plan for the town to buy the North 40 property from Wellesley College, with the Yeas outnumbering the Nays about 4 to 1.

#Wellesley #Electionday

A photo posted by theswellesleyreport (@theswellesleyreport) on

In the only contested town-wide race, Harriet Warshaw knocked off Planning Board incumbent Neal Glick. (I’d noticed that going into today, Warshaw had more Likes on her Facebook page than did Glick, for whatever that’s worth…maybe an indicator of what would happen with the voting results?)

Overall, 18% of registered Wellesley voters went to the polls.

These are unofficial results, but only minor changes are expected in the morning.

Wellesley March 2015 election results

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The Swellesley Report: Prepping for Wellesley High School Seminar Day

baby polar bearsImagine our distress last year at our Wellesley High School Seminar Day debut when we found out that we were scheduled at the same time that good ol’ Chuck, who runs security at the school, would be regaling students with tales from his time as a corrections officer at MCI Walpole. We stood no chance.

Wellesley High Seminar DayThis time around, we come in better prepared to attract education- and entertainment-minded students at this annual half-day event in which dozens of experts from inside and outside the Wellesley Public School system show up to share their knowledge. We’ll even include a police surveillance photo in our presentation to keep the crime crowd happy. We’re also told we should bring candy, so we’ll do that. And for those of you even thinking of going to see a session about puppies during our mind-blowing presentation a 8:20am, be assured that you can get your dog fix during the second block. Plus, we’ll be bringing baby polar bears*.

*Well, we’ll have a photo of them.Wellesley High Seminar Day

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