The Swellesley Report: Prepping for Wellesley High School Seminar Day

baby polar bearsImagine our distress last year at our Wellesley High School Seminar Day debut when we found out that we were scheduled at the same time that good ol’ Chuck, who runs security at the school, would be regaling students with tales from his time as a corrections officer at MCI Walpole. We stood no chance.

Wellesley High Seminar DayThis time around, we come in better prepared to attract education- and entertainment-minded students at this annual half-day event in which dozens of experts from inside and outside the Wellesley Public School system show up to share their knowledge. We’ll even include a police surveillance photo in our presentation to keep the crime crowd happy. We’re also told we should bring candy, so we’ll do that. And for those of you even thinking of going to see a session about puppies during our mind-blowing presentation a 8:20am, be assured that you can get your dog fix during the second block. Plus, we’ll be bringing baby polar bears*.

*Well, we’ll have a photo of them.Wellesley High Seminar Day

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Now to the really important Wellesley election issue: Misprint on North 40 ballot question

North 40 typoMaybe “be allow” is some sort of legalese, but we’re thinking not since what we take is the correct version is on the Wellesley town website.

Anyway, you know what it means Wellesley residents, so remember to vote today on the ballot question as well as for town-wide offices (including that testy Planning Board race) and Town Meeting seats.




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Wellesley Hills Post Office gets an A for its e’s

Bates PTO moms win Wellesley Spelling Bee

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Wellesley’s first-world problems

unnamed (2)

picture from WMS newsletter

I’ve seen the motley collection of hoodies and mate-less gloves that comprise the open-to-the-public lost and found items shunted away in a corner of the Wellesley Middle School cafeteria. Never did I dream, however, that there could be unclaimed items even more essential (and expensive) to a student’s academic and social well-being. It appears there are certain WMS students whose families can’t reach them and who can’t see the vocab words on the smart board.

These items remain in safekeeping in the front office, waiting to be reunited with those who possess the proper password or vision needs.

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Save the date: Easter egg hunt at Wellesley Hills Church on March 28

Enjoy a light breakfast, Easter egg hunt, petting zoo and other activities, including a visit by the Easter Bunny on March 28 from 9-11am at Wellesley Hills Congregational Church.

RSVP to [email protected] by Tuesday March 24, with # of adults and kids

Suggested donation: $5 per person or $20 per family

easter egg hunt hills church

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MIT, Wellesley College groups adding spice to Acastock a cappella concert at Wellesley High

AcastockThe Acastock a cappella concert taking place this Thursday, March 5, at Wellesley High school will feature a mix of WHS groups as well as guest singers from area colleges, high schools and the community.  Organizers suggest getting to the 7pm event early, as last fall’s Acatober concert was a sell-out.

All four Wellesley High a cappella groups — A Cappella Anonymous. Inchordination, Ladies First, and Renegade A Cappella –will perform. The a cappella scene has heated up at WHS in recent years: WHS Director of Choral Activities Kevin McDonald says only one group existed at the school when he arrived 11 years ago.

MIT logarhythmsAlso performing at Acastock will be MIT’s Logarhythms, The Wellesley Widows of Wellesley College, the Nipmuc Regional High School a cappella group and The Works, which features Wellesley residents Elizabeth Cohen, Patrick Rafter and Betsy Rosen.

McDonald says the student-run WHS groups have lost formal rehearsal time due to snow storms, but have made up for it on the fly.

Tickets are $10 per adult, $5 per student and senior citizens, and free for children under 12, and are available at the door the night of the show. Money collected from this event goes directly to the choral department to fund choral events as well as guest artists, speakers, and clinicians.  Remaining funds subsidize transportation costs and festival registrations for our ensembles in the spring.

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Neighborly new Facebook group asks “What’s Up, Wellesley?”

Who do you ask when you need advice on a restaurant, plumber, electrician, or even a babysitter? So many towns in the area have a Facebook group page for which they can put a question out there, and get lots of great local advice.

Local mom and part-time speech-language pathologist Lianna Ramage has created a group called “What’s Up, Wellesley?” with the goal of fostering a greater sense of community in town, and allowing those who live and/or work in town to find out more about what’s going on locally. She hopes it will be a great place to post events, advice, concerns, and anything else that might come up. So click on the link above if you’d like to request access to the group.

There are at least a couple of other active Wellesley Facebook groups, one called Remember When? Growing up in Wellesley and the Centennial Park Dog Owners.  These are both closed groups that you can ask to join.

There are also online Wellesley groups formed via the Nextdoor “private social network.”


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