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Wellesley High sailing team wants to wash your car on Saturday

Wellesley SailboatsThe Wellesley High School Sailing Team will be holding a car wash to support the team this Saturday, May 30, from 10am to 2pm at Hardy Elementary School, 293 Weston Road, Wellesley.  The team will also be selling raffle tickets for an Apple Store Gift Card.
Raffle drawing will be on June 2 at the team banquet. Finally, red fleece picnic blankets embroidered with “Wellesley” will also be available for sale, and make great gifts for Father’s Day, coach and graduation gifts!
All fundraising supports future capital equipment needs of the team, including boats and sail replacements, as WHS does not pay for these expenses. The Wellesley Sailing Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the team. Any questions, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].
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Do the math: Town, neighbors & school compromise on Wellesley park use

Shaw Common wellesley laurel av

A quiet and clean Shaw Common early one morning this week

I have to admit, this email subject line did grab my attention: “Laurel Ave homeowners kill recess for RSM students.”

To translate, RSM stands for the Russian School of Mathematics, which has an office at the corner of Washington Street and Laurel Avenue in Wellesley and services elementary through high school students. To give students a break from the number crunching classes, which can last for a couple of hours, the school lets them out for short recesses at Shaw Common (aka Shaw Park) on Laurel Avenue.Russian School of Mathematics wellesley

But apparently some neighbors didn’t appreciate the ruckus that they said kids were making, not to mention litter they claimed students left behind.

After receiving complaints about RSM’s park use, the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC) in November sent a letter to the school notifying the administration of the issue and recommending that the school apply for a permit through the town for regular use of the park, especially if 10 or more people would be using it.

The school did in fact then apply for a permit and it was granted at the end of March, with an emphasis on the need to clean up after each use.  The permit was issued for use of the park for 70 minutes per week, for 10 minutes at a time during certain hours Monday through Thursday, and on Sundays.

The NRC was approached in early May by a Laurel Avenue resident curious about the group’s permit status, at which point it was determined that the permit had expired and was due for renewal, says NRC Director Brandon Schmitt. The NRC was also notified that 25-30 RSM students were using the park at one time and that litter was still an issue. Meanwhile, a new application was sent to the school.

At a May 14 NRC meeting, Laurel Avenue residents met with the director of administration at Wellesley RSM and the RSM CEO. “Prior to the meeting, the office received numerous correspondence about the use of the park, both from residents concerned about the school ‘taking over the park’ and from parents of children at the school wanting access,” Schmitt said.

At that time, a compromise was reached. The NRC approved the school’s use of the park, with a maximum of 12 students at a time, from 4:30-4:40pm Monday-Thursdays, but not on Sundays. While Shaw Common is the most convenient park for RSM students to use, the NRC also suggested other possible parklands for the school to visit.

“There was clearly a communication problem between the residents and the school and between the school administration and its staff as to what the expectation was, but since the NRC has issued a permit, we have not received any complaints,” Schmitt says.

Meanwhile, we hear that the school has taken something of a break from taking its breaks at Shaw Common.

Sounds like a good example of the logical and critical thinking that the school emphasizes in its teachings…


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Wellesley Little League Baseball & Softball All-Star Festivities Schedule

Reidy Field, June 2013Catch some great Wellesley Little League baseball and softball action on Saturday, May 30 at Hunnewell and Reidy Fields.


12:00 NOON
National League All-Star Game #1 @ Reidy Field

1:00 PM
Softball All-Star Game #1 @ Hunnewell Field

2:00 PM
National League All-Star Game #2 @ Reidy Field

3:15 PM
Softball All-Star Game #2 @ Hunnewell Field

4:00 PM
American League All-Star Game #1 (10-11 year olds) @ Reidy Field

6:00 PM
Home Run Derby @ Reidy Field

7:30 PM
American League All-Star Game #2 (12 year olds) @ Reidy Field

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Hilarious/annoying hijinks with iPhone bug hit Wellesley High

iphone wellesleyWe hear that Wellesley High students were pranking each other on Wednesday by sending each other gibberish messages discovered to shut down recipients’ iPhones. While the results are annoying, the messages aren’t actually infecting Apple devices.

See what happens when that Senior leadership leaves the school?

If you’ve been hit with the so-called Messages bug, here’s how to recover. Apple is said to be working on a fix.

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Wellesley Memorial Day observances

Memorial.Day.2015Memorial.Day.2015Also of interest…

Wellesley High Memorial Garden rededicated in 2013


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Wellesley invites public to weigh in on possible town pool plan

The 900 Worcester Street Committee and the Aquatics Subcommittee invite you to attend a public forum to participate in the Aquatic Facility Needs Assessment Study and to take an online survey.
The appropriation to the 900 Worcester Street Committee made under Article 9 at STM on October 27, 2014 included $50,000 for an Aquatic Facility Study.  The Aquatics subcommittee of the 900 Worcester Street Committee is working with ConsultEcon, Inc. and Isaac Sports Group to perform this important step in determining the aquatic needs of the Town and feasibility of an aquatics facility at the 900 Worcester Street location.  Please join the Aquatics Subcommittee at our upcoming public forums to discuss the future of aquatics in Wellesley.
The first Public Forum is scheduled for Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of Town Hall

The second Public Forum is scheduled for Thursday, June 11th at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of Town Hall

If you cannot attend one of the public sessions but would like to give comments or feedback please email [email protected].

And to take the online survey, head here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/wellesleyaquaticsurvey7

Information on the 900 Worcester Street Committee and the Aquatics Subcommittee can be found at: 900 Worcester Street Information
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Wednesday night lights: Try out new AfterDark Flag Football gear at Babson

AfterDark football wellesley









If you’d like to try out some cool new light-up flag football gear from a recent Babson College MBA grad’s business, you can register for free to use it in an actual game at the school’s McDowell Field this Wednesday, May 27 from 7:30-10pm.

AfterDark Technologies‘ gear includes light-up fiber-optic jerseys and flags, including pulsing light on the QB’s jersey to eliminate the need for rushers to count “Mississippis”. Cones and footballs with LEDs keep the game glowing. (See AfterDark equipment in action in video below.)

Founder/CEO Dan Wilson says he launched AfterDark to “catch the night.”


RELATED: Giving Wellesley Glowgolf a whirl

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Wellesley Middle School drama to showcase student-written performance

The Wellesley Middle School drama department presents “I Love Broc ‘N Roll,” an original comedy written by WMS 8th graders Cameron MacKinnon and Max Randall. The pair entered their script in the school’s 3rd annual 8th grade playwriting contest, and their work was selected from several entries.

imgresAlso to be featured as part of the evening showcase is an original piece created by a group of 6th graders who worked with Emerson College graduate student Julie Clarke. Clarke led the group with prompts and activities and pouf! A script was created. The short 6th grade presentation will be performed before “Broc ‘N Roll.

Performances at the WMS auditorium:
Thursday, May 28, 4:30pm
Friday, May 29, 7:00pmAdmission is free, donations are accepted
I Love Broc ‘N Roll Director is Leah Fine
6th Grade Play Director is Julie Clarke
Technical Director is Joel Praino


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