Beer & wine for sale at Wellesley Roche Bros.

Roche BrosRoche Bros. started filling in shelves today and has announced that beer and wine are indeed now available for purchase at the Linden Square grocery store.

We had noticed that wine glasses were for sale earlier the week at the end of some very empty shelves. (On Tuesday, Roche Bros. told us they were still ironing out a few details but hoped to be selling beer and wine soon.)

Roche Bros. is among a handful of local businesses, including Fells Market, Tutto Italiano and The Cheese Shop that secured the town’s historic new licenses for retail sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption. (Thanks to reader CC for sending along the photo of the Roche Bros. employees stocking shelves.)Roche Bros wine glassesRoche Bros shelves

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Wellesley High football team pushing purple for Friday night game

Wellesley High footballThe Wellesley High Raiders football team has its annual home night game tonight at 7pm under the lights, and the players will be adding purple to their usual red/black/white uniforms.

The team on its Facebook page states: “Our football team will be wearing purple bandanas today at school and tonight during the game. This is a player-driven initiative for awareness in the recent cases of domestic violence in the NFL. Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness, and our players have asked the school community to wear purple tonight. Please support and lets send a message that this is not a football issue, but a trend in our society that must be broken. Thank you to everyone who comes out to support our team and thank you for wearing purple. Everybody have fun tonight and be safe. Go Raiders!”

The Raiders, looking to bounce back after a Week 1 loss, play Newton North.

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Comedian Bob Marley at Babson Friday night; Road race on Saturday

Babson CollegeIf you see more activity than usual around Babson College this weekend that’s because it’s the school’s homecoming and reunion weekend.

Bob MarleyWhile the activities are mainly for the Babson crowd, the public is also invited to join in some of the fun, including a comedy show Friday night (Sept. 19) at 930-10:30pm under a big tent on the upper fields. Babson grad Jillian Brooks kicks off the show, with Bob Marley appearing as the headliner. He likes to joke about growing up in Maine. If you don’t happen to be part of the Babson community, just show up at the tent and let them know you’re part of the Wellesley community. (We caught 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander there last year.)

Other activities include an investment banking conference on Friday and a 5K road race and a kid’s fun run at 11:30am on Saturday.

Fox News Boston got the weekend off to a rousing start with a visit to Babson on Friday morning.

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New app solves Wellesley High brick mystery

Wellesley High BrickWellesley Education Foundation (WEF) has launched an app that makes it easier for those who bought bricks in 2011-2012 to pave an area in front of the new Wellesley High School entrance to actually locate those bricks.

The Brickfinder app was built by local Web programmer George Roberts, with thanks to recent Wellesley High grad Billy Kaplan for inputting data about the hundreds of bricks over the summer (Kaplan’s mom, Linda Chow, is co-president of WEF). The app divvies the bricks into four bands and then narrows down specific inscribed bricks based on which row and column they are in.


“I photographed all the bricks with approximately 20 overlapping photos and Billy matched them up with the original brick data *and* he went the extra mile and indicated which brick was in which photo, which allowed me to do the additional feature of showing the actual photo of your brick (those photos were
originally meant for the data entry person only),” Roberts says.

The plaza includes bricks from the 2011-12 campaign, which raised $85K-plus and has been put to use for buying a piano, new dance floor and more for the school. The plaza also includes earlier commemorative bricks.

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Wellesley dads take on top PTO roles

The Parent Teacher Organization presidency positions in Wellesley’s schools  typically are filled by moms willing and able to put in up to 40-hour weeks the volunteer job can demand during its busiest times.  This year, however, Wellesley has two dads who have taken on that leadership position, along with all the joys and headaches it entails.

Matthew McKay, Sprague PTO President

Matthew McKay, Sprague PTO President

Matthew McKay took the PTO helm at Sprague Elementary School this year, and Kevin Leach serves a co-president of Hardy‘s PTO, along with Lisa Fico.

The 5-member Wellesley School Committee also now includes a male, Matt Kelley, and we were surprised to hear that since 1978 the committee has actually consisted of about 30% males. While we don’t have the historical data on the PTOs, our impression is that having two male presidents at once is rare or even unprecedented (feel free to chime in if you know otherwise).

Kevin Leach, Hardy PTO co-President

Kevin Leach, Hardy PTO co-President

In the meantime, if you were wondering what it’s like to be a PTO president, man-style, turns out it’s pretty similar to working the job woman-style — it’s all about setting priorities and helping the school year run smoothly.

We caught up with Leach, who graduated from Wellesley High School in 1989, and McKay, a relative newcomer, and they graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the vida loca of a PTO president.


How long have you lived in Wellesley?  How did you decide that this was the town for you?

McKay: We moved to Wellesley in 2007 from San Francisco. We were attracted by the great school system, accessibility to Boston, and relative closeness to my parents and my in-laws.

Leach: My wife and I moved to Wellesley in 2006, although as a child I lived in Wellesley. My parents and I moved into town when I was in 8th grade and I graduated from WHS in 1989.  We moved back to Wellesley to be close to my parents and because we believed in the school system and the location of Wellesley offered a reasonable commute for both my wife and I.

Do you work full-time?  What is your professional background?

McKay: I stay at home now. When our youngest daughter was born we decided that my wife would return to work and I would stay at home with the newborn. I thought this arrangement would last one or two years, but I’ve enjoyed staying at home with my girls and my wife has been able to focus on her career.  My career was largely focused in equity research, covering software and IT services companies. In San Francisco I worked for Robertson Stephens during the crazy dot com era. I enjoyed the challenge of picking stocks and learning about companies and trends. The travel became a burden when we started having children.

Now I’m trying to write a sci-fi novel, or at least one that people would want to read. Over the past year I’ve written over 90,000 words. It’s not quite finished, but I would love for writing to become my new profession.

Leach: I work full time in a scientific role in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and did a post doctoral fellowship in biological engineering at MIT.  I am a director of Pharmacology at a biotech firm in Cambridge working on therapies for rare and orphan diseases.

What are the most important challenges facing you this year as PTO president?

McKay: We have set out two main priorities. The first is to ensure our new principal, Ms. Susan Snyder, is successful in her first year. The second is to build up an already very strong community. Our community has been very generous over the years, enabled by superstar parents who have run fund raisers, and thus our primary challenge is finding the most impactful projects for PTO.

Leach: As PTO co-president the challenges we face are keeping the momentum going.  We have been lucky to have a long succession of great PTO board members who have set up an infrastructure that is effective at accomplishing the mission of the PTO.  This year we are focused on delivering programs to the children that complement their school objectives, to supporting the school staff, and to fostering a sense of community at Hardy school.

What is the most enjoyable part of your PTO president job?

McKay: The people in the Sprague community (parents, kids, teachers), hands down. There are so many incredible people that feel very strongly about supporting Sprague. There is a strong bench of past Presidents and Treasurers who have continued to support the PTO and pointed us in the right directions. Read More »

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Newton-Wellesley Hospital using old cars to get guys in for health screenings

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Mens Health Fair & Car ShowFrom Newton-Wellesley Hospital:

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), women are 100% more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventive services than men. In fact, men are less likely than women to visit the doctor until they’re experiencing the symptoms of a serious ailment.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital is hosting its first annual Men’s Health Fair & Car Show on Sunday, September 21 from 9am to 1pm. Bring your husband, brother, son or other man in your life to this free, community event, held on the hospital campus at 2014 Washington Street, Newton.

Keep your health in mint condition by taking advantage of a variety of FREE health screenings while perusing a display of classic, vintage and hot rod cars. In addition, attendees will enjoy music and refreshments and can even receive a free flu shot.

Free health screenings to include: Dermatology Cholesterol/Glucose; Smoking Cessation; Blood Pressure; Nutrition; Ask the Pharmacist; Hearing & Vision; Urology Concerns; CareFinder; Body Fat Analysis; Mental Health; Fertility Issues.

If you have a vintage automobile that you would like to show at this event, register your car by emailing [email protected] or calling 617-243-6792.

Vintage cars on display at the event include: 1970 Mercury Cyclone, 1964 Shelby Cobra 427, 1967 Mustang Convertible, 1980 Corvette Convertible, 1969 Z-28 Camaro, 1966 Corvette, 1954 Dodge Power Wagon, 1965.

Free health screenings are first come, first served. For more information, visit

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Personalization sweetens new Wellesley home bakery dubbed ‘sugar.’

sugar. bakeryUpon learning that Wellesley’s Kelly Meraw had started a business over the summer baking desserts out of her home, I could only assume that she must be operating out of a fancy Wellesley Kitchen Tour-like space. But no, Meraw says her kitchen and home (affectionately known as “The Treehouse”) are probably among the tiniest in town.

“I think the size of my kitchen is actually part of the success of my food. I believe that food should have short lists of ingredients, prepared with great attention to detail and technique, be fresh and personalized,” says Meraw, who calls her business “sugar.

elizabethsYes, that’s with a small “s” and a period at the end, much to this editor’s chagrin. But Meraw justifies it (“Small ‘s’ because; food should be simple. Period because; when we indulge we should do it with purpose and only on the truly delicious.”)

The mother of two says the idea for her business has been swirling in her mind for years but only spun into reality this summer. It’s largely a one-woman show, though Meraw has plenty of cheerleaders and lots of good food sources, such as Lookout Farm in Natick. She is a self-taught baker who has found inspiration from food bloggers like Bakerella, Smitten Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman.

Averaging five to seven projects a week, Meraw is busy but stresses that her differentiator is baking customized goods. Yes, there is a standard menu of cakes, pies, cookies and more to choose from (with Zucchini Bread starting at $10 and wedding cakes starting at $150), plus a dessert-of-the-month club. But there are also custom jobs,  such as a wedding shower cake for wine aficionados and a five-tiered cake for a five-year-old’s wedding-themed birthday party.

Among Meraw’s favorite things to cook is Pavlova, which she describes as “a gorgeous bed of sweet baked merengue topped with seasonal fruits of your choice and lightly sweetened whipped cream.” The owner of “an unquenchable sweet tooth,” Meraw disciplines herself to enjoy her creations in moderation.

Becoming a baker has been a departure for Meraw, who has a Master’s Degree in Classical Singing from McGill University (she wound up moving from Canada to Wellesley about three years ago when her husband was recruited to New England Conservatory of Music). “When I had my children I knew instantly that traveling for singing engagements wasn’t going to suit the idea of the kind of parent I wanted to be. I had always loved to bake and decorate. I dreamed of having my own bakery. An amazing group of Wellesley ladies encouraged me to take the plunge.”

Meraw does integrate music with her business though, often playing Mozart, Strauss or even a little country music, while on the job.

At the rate sugar. is going, don’t be surprised to see the business bust out of The Treehouse one of these days. “I visualize an awesome Wellesley location with exposed brick, great sunlight, comfy leather seats, and awesome stroller access. I want ‘sugar.’ to be a hot spot for local families; a spot for commuters to grab the perfect morning muffin and coffee,” Meraw says.


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Wellesley Historical Society dinner, golf tourney on tap

WHS_Golden_Ball_TavernThe Wellesley Historical Society will hold its annual dinner on September 28 at Weston’s Golden Ball Tavern, which was built in 1768. There will be tours of the tavern, the event will pay tribute to the Wellesley Police Department, and Chief Terrence Cunningham will be the guest of honor.

This building on Church Street had been home to Hose Company No. 1 in 1899. In 1929 it became the police department headquarters

This building on Church Street had been home to Hose Company No. 1 in 1899. In 1929 it became the police department headquarters

Ten percent of proceeds from fundraising events such as the annual dinner and the Wellesley Calendar go to the Society’s scholarship fund and the scholarship recipients and their families will be honored at the dinner.

 In the early years there were jail cells in the basement of the Town Hall

In the early years there were jail cells in the basement of the Town Hall

Dinner tickets are $50 per person and the event is open to supporters of the Society.

Separately, the Society’s annual golf tournament will be held at Nehoiden Golf Club on October 6 and will include breakfast, lunch, prizes, and 18 holes of golf. The cost is $50 per golfer and is open to all.

For more information, contact Erica Dumont, executive director, at (781) 235-6690 or

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Wellesley Police, Municipal Light Plant want to pull plug on phone scam

From Wellesley PD and WMLP:

The Wellesley Police Department and Wellesley Municipal Light Plant have received a number of telephone calls this afternoon from Wellesley businesses regarding payment requests. Businesses are receiving a call informing them that unless a payment is made immediately, their electricity would be shut-off.

The telephone calls are a scam and are not from the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant.

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Fiske Wild West Round-Up on Saturday, Sept. 20

Download (PDF, 335KB)

2013 Fiske Wild West RoundupFiske Elementary School hosts its annual Wild West Round -Up, a fun fair for the entire family, on Saturday, Sept. 20 from 10am-2pm at the school (45 Hastings St. in Wellesley). Join the community for games, arts and crafts, dunk tank, music, food, face-painting, rides and much more.2013 Fiske Wild West Roundup2013 Fiske Wild West Roundup

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