Name drop: Alexander Graham Bell used to live in Wellesley

Alexander graham bellAs attention is called to the  first commercial transcontinental phone call made 100 years ago today by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson, a reminder that Bell once lived in Wellesley.

Bell lived on the property now housing the Waterstone senior living complex in Lower Falls.

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Wellesley don’t need no stinkin’ blizzard to build snowmen

@danahallschool snowman in #Wellesley #winter

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Adopt a Wellesley fire hydrant

hydrant mapAs the Department of Public Works (DPW) mobilizes for the first significant winter storm of 2015, the DPW and Wellesley Fire-Rescue Department are asking for your assistance in clearing fire hydrants of snow in your neighborhood. There are over 1,400 hydrants in Wellesley and each one is potentially vital in the event of an emergency.


Go here to adopt a hydrant.

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Sustainable Wellesley is greener than thou


Sustainable Wellesley, a volunteer organization that is all about recycling, living without pesticides, and moving toward clean energy, has a good-looking updated website.  The group, whose mission is to engage the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability, encourages big and small changes on a road toward increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste and pollution.

We were poking around on their website, trying to pick up some tips on making our “historic” home perhaps a bit more airtight, or at least finding the gumption to dig deep within ourselves to maybe turn out the lights as we left the room, and we were not disappointed. There’s is information as small-scale as consolidating car trips, to as big-picture as installing solar panels on your home’s roof.

A major interest of the group is, of course, the town’s Recyling and Disposal Facility. To that end, the group invited Gordon Martin, Superintendent of the RDF, to serve as guest editor for an article about recycling newspapers. Thanks to the efforts of Martin and the entire crew toiling away down there at the Wellesley/Needham line,  and the good sorting and hauling-to-the-dump habits of Wellesley residents, the Town’s general fund was made $608,577 richer in fiscal year 2014.

One way this was achieved was through paper recycling.  Once you read about how your recycling efforts really do matter to the town, you’ll never be able to toss your recyclables into the trash compactor again. Not without guilt, anyway.

Check out the Superintendent’s breakdown of how it all happens:

Did You Know……… over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that a thin, wet layer of interlocking fibers becomes paper when it dries. The first papermaking materials consisted of fibers from rags, the bark of trees, plants and grasses such as hemp, bamboo, jute and straw.

Most paper and paper products manufactured today use fibers derived from wood, primarily from conifers such as spruce, fir, pine, and hemlock and some deciduous trees such as birch, oak and aspen.

When newspaper fibers are recycled for the first time, the individual fibers are long. Every time newspaper is recycled, the fibers break down and become shorter and shorter. The problem is that short fibers, even when they are interlocked with other short fibers, make the final product weak and unstable. The answer to this problem is to introduce long fibers into the mix.

Americans have been recycling paper for only three hundred years. Foreign paper makers have been recycling paper for two thousand years. This means that America’s recycled paper fibers are in great demand and foreign buyers are willing to pay a higher price for it. The RDF sells a significant amount of paper to worldwide markets because of the higher price paid to the Town.

It’s important to note, the RDF’s success starts with Wellesley residents. Your efforts make it possible for the RDF to sell good quality material at the highest global price. The estimated added revenue from the sale of exported sales is approximately $60,000 per year. Total sales revenue in FY 2014 was $380,544 and $608,577 was deposited into the Town’s General Fund.

Be sure to take a few moments and separate all your recyclables. Don’t throw them in the trash compactors. Remember, trees have to be cut down to make new paper products and for every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees will be saved. That equates to Wellesley residents saving over 60,000 trees last year.

For more information call Gordon Martin, Superintendent of the Recycling and Disposal Facility at 781-235-7600 ext 3340 or e-mail him at [email protected].

-Guest editor Gordon Martin

Also of interest:

Composting service seeks to worm its way into Wellesley


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Nearly 1,000 join to mourn Wellesley doctor

The Globe reports that nearly 1,000 people joined to mourn Wellesley resident Dr. Michael Davidson on Friday morning at Temple Beth Elohim (and more from The Townsman here).

The service was live streamed by the temple as well, giving those not physically in attendance a chance to hear the many tributes to Davidson, who died on Tuesday after being shot at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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Weekend fun just a bit beyond Wellesley

48e621fa-4bb1-415e-be58-c58edcfd451e 30a80f59-f66e-4735-865e-26f099326287The next Nomad Story Slam community story telling event, loosely based on NPR’s MOTH Radio Hour,  will be held on Friday Jan 23, 7:30 PM at Gregorian Rugs in Newton Lower Falls.

Come and just enjoy a night of storytelling or throw your name in the hat to tell your own story. Your story should be five minutes long, be true, have happened to you and be somehow connected to the night’s theme – “Moving On”.  Beyond that, it’s up to you.  It can be funny, or sad, or poignant, or ridiculous – it just has to be a good story.  Check out the videos from the last event.

Everyone has at least one good story in them so we urge you to polish it up, come on down to Gregorian Rugs and tell it to us all.  If you’ve never been to a “story slam”,  you will love it – friends, neighbors, strangers taking turns telling great stories.  If you plan to tell a story, arrive a bit early (7:00-7:15).

If you’d like to tell a story, here are a few tips – Click Here

For Tickets ($10) or additional info go to

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Looks like Wellesley Dunkin’ Donuts will be back in action soon

Rte 9 West Dunkin Donuts jan 2015It looks as though the Dunkin’ Donuts on Rte. 9 West in Wellesley that closed for a dough-over in October is about to re-open.

Hiring signs are displayed and the construction vehicles have moved on.

Wellesley has 5 DDs in town.

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Wellesley fondly recalls Tootsie Roll CEO for Halloween treats

Melvin and Ellen Gordon Photo: SEC.GOV

Melvin and Ellen Gordon
Photo: SEC.GOV

Word this week that Tootsie Roll Industries CEO Melvin Gordon had passed away at the age of 95 had locals fondly recalling visits to his family’s Wellesley Hills home on Halloween night for extra special trick-or-treating.

Gordon held the distinction of leading the publicly-held candy company for more than 50 years along with his wife Ellen, who now takes over as CEO and Chair. There’s speculation that the company could be ripe for a buyout now that Mr. Gordon has died.

The couple maintained a home in Chicago as well as Wellesley.

Tootsie rollAs for the Wellesley home, residents recall not only visiting on Halloween to grab gobs of Tootsie Roll candies, but jumping the fence to pool hop as well.

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