Hunnewell estate topiary garden on Lake Waban, now and then

Hunnewell topiary at Lake Waban, Sept 2014

Hunnewell topiary 1909 postcard1909 postcard

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Wellesley outdoor basketball courts get slick makeover

Outdoor basketball courts at Wellesley HighThe side-by-side outdoor lighted basketball courts near Wellesley High School will soon be back in business, years after the space was converted into a parking lot to accommodate cars while the new school building was being built. While many Wellesley hoopsters prefer and can afford nice indoor courts, others love playing in the elements, even if it does mean chasing the ball into the woods ever so often.

A shiny new surface featuring signature Wellesley “W”‘s has been put in place, and the hoops and nets should be up soon. You can expect some sort of grand opening festivities to take place in the near future. (The old courts, if you don’t recall, had a red, green and white surface.)

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Running for good causes in Wellesley

Babson Rett syndrome run 5k 2014Babson College and MassBay Community College in Wellesley have each held 5K road races this month, both raising money for worthy causes.

Two weeks ago, Babson hosted the Babson Runs for Rett race, which traversed the Babson and Olin campuses, with a good steep run up Wellesley Avenue at the finish. The race, held during the school’s alumni weekend, featured a bunch of kids as well as at least a couple of spectators who have Rett syndrome, a rare postnatal neurological disorder that mainly affects females.

Then on Sunday, MassBay hosted its second annual 5K road race and walk to support the Krystle Campbell scholarship fund. Campbell, from the MassBay class of 2005, was killed at the Boston Marathon bombings.MassBay Krystle Campbell 5k race 2014

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Wellesley women helping homeless at Natick motel

helping homelessA group of Wellesley women have banded together to help more than 50 families who are living at the Natick Travelodge on Rte. 9 because they have no where else to go.

These are among the record number of homeless families currently overwhelming the state’s emergency shelter system. Most of these families staying at the Travelodge are from Boston, and are among 2,000 or so homeless Massachusetts families temporarily housed in motel rooms due to a shortage of affordable housing, lack of employment opportunities and other reasons.

Working with the all-volunteer organization Family Services Coalition, the Wellesley contingent has delivered fresh fruit on a weekly basis, hosted monthly lunches and collected diapers. There’s plenty more to do, including tutoring and driving. Gently used Halloween costumes are also welcome. If you or your group would like to join an email list to learn more, contact Diana Carroll ([email protected]).
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Cut! “The Grey Lady” movie scene not to be shot in Wellesley after all

The location manager for an upcoming movie called “The Grey Lady” says a scene that was going to be shot next week on Rice Road has been cancelled. He didn’t elaborate on why.

Before I learned this I had been looking into what’s involved when a production company chooses to film in town. For starters, the town doesn’t have any specific permitting, though as was the case with “The Grey Lady,” the film team did notify neighbors that a film shoot was scheduled.

Wellesley Executive Director Hans Larsen says: “To the extent a movie shoot involves disruptions related to traffic, parking, after-hours activity, etc., the Police get involved to review the related plans.  At a minimum, we expect production companies to pay any direct costs related to their activities, e.g., Police details, use of public parking spaces, etc.  In at least one instance I can recall, the production company also made a contribution to the Wellesley Food Pantry.  Otherwise, the Town does not receive any compensation.”



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Inside Wellesley High Cross Country team’s car wash

Somehow they got my car clean.wellesley high car wash
wellesley high car wash

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Fancy this: Charli XCX to perform in Wellesley

Charli_XCX_Live_MTV_Artist_To_WatchEnglish singer and songwriter Charli XCX, who has written hits such as Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, will be appearing at Wellesley College on Sunday Oct. 5 at 7pm at Tishman Commons. She has a new album of her own coming out later in October. The show is free for Wellesley College students and costs $10 for off-campus college students.

Charli XCX performs in Boston the night before at Royale.

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Wellesley tries to solve Centennial dog mystery

Centennial ReservationWellesley animal control officer Sue Webb is trying to find out who owns a pair of Bernese Mountain dogs, one of which reportedly got overly exuberent and knocked down a woman at Centennial Reservation on Tuesday, Sept. 23 at around 3pm. As it turns out, the woman broke a leg.

According to Webb, the dogs were walked by a woman and man, one of which repeatedly asked the fallen woman if she was OK and was told yes, perhaps because she was in shock. But the woman did indeed turn out to be injured and found she could not bear weight on her leg after the dog walkers left the scene.

Webb says the incident serves as a reminder that even friendly dogs can cause injuries. She’s working to have a veterinarian give a talk in the near future about dog behavior, especially when dogs are off leash. She says there have been increased occurrences of dogs biting each other in town of late.

A group in Natick, by the way, is pushing for an off-leash dog park in that town.


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Upham Sports Carnival on Saturday

Upham sports carnivalHead over to Upham Elementary School on Saturday from 11am-3pm for the annual Sports Carnival at 35 Wynnewood Rd. The school fundraiser features games (including a dunk tank and cake walk), food and more.

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Wellesley bank robber: From trunk to attic to jail

From the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office:

A 33-year-old Quincy man has pled guilty to robbing the TD Bank on Rte. 9 in Wellesley last December and has been ordered to spend the next 4 to 6 years in jail. 

“Brian Kalil walked into the bank on December 15, 2013 and presented a note demanding money. He walked out with approximately $1,600 in cash and hopped in the trunk of a Ford Focus to flee the scene,” District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said.

Kalil was identified by several people through bank surveillance video. “Police were at his door in Quincy four days later, with a search warrant in hand for the premises,” Morrissey said. “He refused to come out of the attic area where he had secreted himself for roughly 9 hours before being flushed out by a police dog.”

In addition to finding the defendant, officers located a Burberry scarf hanging in Kalil’s closet and a set of leather gloves that appear to be those worn in the robbery, as well as $631.00 in cash.

“Assistant District Attorney Craig Kowalski asked for a state prison term of 4 to 6 years, and that was ordered by Judge Kenneth J. Fishman on September 15, 2014,” Morrissey said. “Wellesley PD put together a nice package of evidence, which likely helped shape Mr. Kalil’s decision to admit his guilt.” [Kalil becomes parole eligible after 4 years, and serves no more than 6.]

Kalil’s girlfriend, Nancy Mathieu of Quincy, has been indicted as the getaway driver. Her case remains pending and she enjoys the constitutional presumption of innocence. 

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