Wellesley teen helps homeless family put down roots

Heading Home project

Students Melinda Edie and Sarah Kavoogian welcome new apartment owners Ginna and Ester (center)

Wellesley teen Sarah Kavoogian, a 16-year-old student at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, and another teen recently led a volunteer project to move a homeless family into an apartment in Dorchester. They coordinated the apartment decorating and furnishing effort through the nonprofit Heading Home organization in Charlestown.

“This was such a rewarding experience,” Kavoogian said in a statement. ”It was so amazing that we could take furniture that no one wanted anymore and make an entire home for a family.”



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Wellesley car insurance rates relatively low


via WellesleyPD Photo site

via WellesleyPD Photo site

Data released by a consumer market research outfit called ValuePenguin shows Wellesley as having the 19th cheapest average cost of car insurance in communities with 10,000 or more residents in Massachusetts. The average premium in Wellesley: $1,118 per year. Nantucket ranked #1 on the list of cheapest insurance, while Brockton drivers pay the most on average, according to the report.



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Wellesley override supporters, detractors organizing

Supporters of the Proposition 2.5 override question to appear on Wellesley’s May 20 ballot have marshaled their forces and have set up a “Yes for Wellesley 2014″ website in support of their cause. A Yes vote would approve the town assessing an additional $3.345M in real estate and personal property taxes to fund mainly education spending.

The group is looking for volunteers to help with a mailing campaign on April 29th (Contact Committee 21 rep [email protected] if interested). Car magnets and yard signs should be popping up soon, if not already.

Meanwhile, those opposing the override (as well the purchase of 494 Washington St.) are also planning to get the word out about their position, says Town Meeting member Roy Switzler, who is disappointed that Question 1 about the town’s plans to purchase 494 Washington St. as part of the senior center project does not include any mention of dollar figures.

“The Wellesley Taxpayers Association will certainly be working to convince voters that the spending in both cases, the highest in Wellesley’s history, at $3,345 Million for an override and $1,365 Million for a referendum, on a Town Meeting vote, for the purchase of a home for any project, are extremely excessive. Particularly in this economy.”
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Jukebox Saturday Night for Wellesley seniors on May 3

Jukebox PictureFrom the Wellesley Council on Aging:

Join us  on Saturday, May 3 at 7:00p.m. for a fun-filled evening of music, dancing, and reminiscing with friends. The Wellesley Council on Aging and the Friends of the Wellesley Council on Aging invite you to “Jukebox Saturday Night: Music of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s,” featuring Rick Walsh. This year’s event will take place at a new location: Wellesley College (Tishman Commons-Wang Building).

Tickets cost $12. Call 781-235-3961 to reserve your ticket. 

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Gustare to leave gap in one part of Wellesley Square, to fill another


A big “For Lease” sign hanging over The Gap in Wellesley Square has Swellesley Report readers wondering if the clothing retailer is on its way out. But according to property owner Linear Retail’s website, the available space within its Central Plaza portfolio is actually that of Gustare Oils & Vinegars, which sits between Alta Strada and Citibank.

Gustare, which expanded beyond Cape Code into Wellesley more than 2 years ago, is looking to relocate to another spot on Central Street after its current lease expires at the start of 2015.

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Wellesley Historic District Commission seeks new member

From the Wellesley Historic District Commission:

The Board of Selectmen is seeking one candidate for a vacant position as a member on the Historic District Commission. The candidate must be a Wellesley resident. Preferred candidates shall be a member of the Wellesley Historical Society, American Institute of Architects, Board of Realtors, or a resident or property owner in the Historic District. The Board of Selectmen may appoint any Wellesley resident who expresses interest in volunteering should a candidate with these membership qualifications be unavailable. Regular members shall serve for a term of three years.

The Historic District Commission reviews alterations to buildings and structures within a historic district. Wellesley has a historic district in the vicinity of Cottage and Abbott Streets as well as four single building historic districts located at 377 Weston Road, 38 Lowell Road, 26 Elmwood Road, and 126 Woodlawn Avenue. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings when an application has been received. During these meetings, the Commission reviews applications for alterations to buildings and structures within the historic districts.

Persons interested in this position should submit a written statement of their interest and a resume to the Board of Selectmen, Town Hall, Wellesley, MA 02482 at their earliest convenience. For further information, please call the Planning Board Office 781-431-1019 ext. 2230.

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Screening of Girl Rising at Dana Hall

Girl Rising is a film created by the social action organization, 10 x 10 and is part of a global campaign for girls’ education. The film tells the story of 6 young girls around the world who have overcome adversity in their quest for education.

The event is free, however the school asks that you consider giving a $5 donation for the Girl Rising Fund.

Saturday, April 26 7:30 p.m.
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