Preview of Wellesley-Needham Thanksgiving Day football game?

wellesley football bumper stickerWe received the following message regarding Wellesley Youth Football‘s big weekend:

“Wellesley Youth Football made history yesterday!  We have all three teams, Grades 5-7 in the Baystate Conference playoffs.  We played Needham and Grade 5 beat Needham 8-0, Grade 6 beat Needham 46-0 (2013 National Champions will be defending their title) and Grade 7- beat Needham 22-16. All there teams played their last home game in the regular season yesterday and will go on the road next week to play the first round in the Baystate Conference.”

Wellesley High plays Needham Hight in Needham on Thanksgiving Day.

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Holiday shop-ortunity: Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club Marketplace set for November 22


The 38th Annual Wellesley Marketplace 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Over 150 of New England’s Finest Artisans

Saturday, November 22, 9am – 4pm

Wellesley Middle School, Kingsbury St.

Premium admission 9am – 10am, $15

Regular admission 10am – 4pm, $10

Seniors and students, $5



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Wellesley Scholarship Foundation accepting applications until Feb. 1, 2015

1402156883The Wellesley Scholarship Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year.  The deadline is February 1, 2015.

WSF provides college scholarships, some based on financial need and two based on academic merit, to residents of Wellesley who attend undergraduate programs. A four-member sub-committee of Trustees oversees the annual review and selection of scholarship recipients.  All financial information is held in strict confidence and is viewed only by this four-member committee.

In 2014, WSF awarded $248,250 in need-based awards to 78 students. These scholarships are funded by donations to WSF and the foundation’s investment income. In addition, each year WSF awards new merit scholarships to one female and one male graduating high school senior in recognition of outstanding achievement and citizenship.

Scholarships may range in size from $500 to $10,000 annually. 

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Wellesley Square White Mountain Creamery: We plan to re-open after renovations

White mountain sign oct 21 2014White Mountain Creamery in Wellesley Square remains closed, and now there’s a sign on the door saying it’s because of a renovation.

As we mentioned last week, an earlier window sign said that the shop was closed due to a family emergency. We did inquire at the store to find out when White Mountain might re-open but did not hear back, so for now, we communicate via old-fashioned handwritten signs. Kind of quaint, actually.

In the meantime, Wellesley has no shortage of ice cream and frozen yogurt places to serve you if you have a hankering.White Mountain Creamery Wellesley


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The Sanatorium of Horror coming to Wellesley

SanatoriumA classic neighborhood haunted house returns to Wellesley this year at 67 Whittier Rd., where the theme will be “The Sanatorium of Horror.” (Wellesley, by the way, once was home to a real sanitarium.)

The Thames family last year didn’t host a haunted house due to some major construction. Previously, they had creeped out the Poets’ Corner neighborhood for about 10 years straight. The theme in 2012 was Haunted Forest.



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Wellesley Sleepwalker sculpture lives on as multimedia project

Wellesley SleepwalkerI’m really not quite sure how to describe this project from, other than to say it combines media coverage of the Wellesley College/Tony Matelli “Sleepwalker” sculpture and music.

Who knows, maybe it will wind up in the Wellesley College Davis Museum.

Sleepwalker media coverage: The remixes

Reflecting on the Sleepwalker media frenzy at Wellesley College earlier this year, artist Tony Matelli who created the discussion-generating sculpture said in interview,

“I think it’s bizarre. The attention it received was so out of left field, so irrelevant to the work. So, I’m mystified by it really. It was fascinating just to watch it happen.” (31 March 2014, artdesigncafe)

This sentiment sparked an independent initiative to compile a sizeable sample of the media coverage at . After gathering 5000+ articles in 96+ countries, this initiative ended in August, still incomplete. In artdesigncafe fashion, then it was time to examine and interpret the research findings combining selected text, visuals and sound, resulting in Sleepwalker media coverage: The remixes. Previous independent remixes and media coverage compilations have focused on artists Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy, Gregor Schneider, and Spencer Tunick.

The Sleepwalker remixes feature music selections by legendary music-journalist Stephen Mallinder, a founding member of the highly influential Cabaret Voltaire band. Artists Kim Min Su and Marcus Bering offer visuals and text selection/design reinterpreting the coverage. Bob Brown at the Wellesley-based Swellesley Report, who originally broke key stories with mediagenic angles later consumed by national and international media, offered his original photos for the presentation.

To see the overview of the five media coverage remixes and the article listing of the overall project, including an overview article partnered with Sculpture magazine, and interviews of Tony Matelli and the exhibition’s media consultant Nina Berger, click:

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New Wellesley Natural Resources Director comes by way of Brookline & NYC

Brandon Schmitt, NRCThe Wellesley Natural Resources Commission has appointed Brandon Schmitt as its new director, a job that includes stewardship of the town’s park, conservation, recreation and open space system.

He joins the NRC at a busy time, as the Fuller Brook Park restoration and improvement project really gets going. The commission recently reorganized, with former director Janet Hartke Bowser taking on a new role as Natural Resources Specialist.

A quick look at Schmitt’s background reveals that he knows a thing or two about the great outdoors. He was previously a park ranger in Brookline, where he also managed a “green dog” program that involves charging a fee to dog owners who want off-leash privileges for their pets in certain parks during specific hours.

Fuller Brook Park restoration underway

Fuller Brook Park restoration underway

Before that, Schmitt was a senior forester with the New York City Division of Forestry and Horticulture, where he was instrumental in the Million Trees Program. Schmitt has diverse field experience, and is familiar with wetlands biology and regulations. He is also a certified arborist and playground inspector. He has been a crew supervisor for Habitat for Humanity both in the States and in Belfast, Ireland, and has volunteered with various animal welfare organizations.

Schmitt’s educational background includes two advanced degrees from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University at Bloomington: a Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences (Concentration: Ecosystem Analysis and Management); and a Masters of Public Affairs ( Concentration: Public Policy Analysis). Schmitt did his undergraduate work in political science and environmental studies at Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH.

NRC Chair Heidi Kost-Gross says: “Of all applying candidates, Brandon’s impressive environmental education, technical skills and boots-on-the-ground experiences, particularly in the NYC parks system, make him especially suited for the role of NRC Director. In Wellesley, the role of Director requires hands-on abilities and a thorough understanding of natural eco systems.”

Not to mention, Schmitt has gotten after those dastardly Canada Geese with the Goosinator!Town Hall Canada Geese

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Dana Hall head explains why single-sex education is good for girls

Erisman, Dana HallDana Hall’s Caroline Erisman makes her case for the relevance of single-sex education for girls in Forbes’ online magazine.

The Head of School at the Wellesley all-girl’s independent day and boarding school for grades 6 – 12 says, “We need to continue to foster all-girls programs that provide an atmosphere where girls excel as leaders without a male presence, because research shows that girls are more engaged, and exude more confidence and competitiveness in single-sex environments.”

Check out the full story here.

ALSO: Wellesley College rethinks itself in age of “gender fluidity”

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Beautiful people to have another option to remain so in Wellesley


Follain, a skin care, hair care, and cosmetics store, is opening a holiday pop-up store November 1 through December 31 at 50 Central St., the former Twig location. The shop, which also has locations in Boston’s South End and on Nantucket, is known for its made-in-the-US ethos and highly curated approach to the product lines the owner allows to grace the shelves.

A quick look at my own bathroom shelves, uncurated and without much of an ethos at all, made me wonder what shop owner Tara Foley, who holds an MBA from Wellesley’s own Babson College, would have to say about the 3 things I currently never leave the house in the morning without using:

Yardley lavender soap 

L’Oreal cleanser

Scent: Jimmy Choo (the perfume is so much easier to walk in than the shoes, I’ve found)

Foley,  who looks like one of those effortless, sleek, French brunettes, broke the bad news to me gently.  Turns out the Yardley soap was the least offensive of the three.  Its worst crime is drying out my skin with sodium hydroxide and sulfates, which aren’t lethal ingredients, they’re just cheap ingredients.  She recommended I try  the shop’s Saipua-brand soap in a nice lemon geranium scent, made with an olive oil base and real lemon and geranium.

The real criminal in my beauty routine, according to Foley, is the L’Oreal cleanser.  Without even looking at the label, she told me that one of the first ten ingredients was sodium laureth sulfate, which according to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database is a “moderate hazard” that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. Yikes.  That bad?  OK, maybe I will try that best-selling Shamanuti cleanser .  At $28 for 4 ounces, it’s a bit more expensive than the L’Oreal, but heck, I’m worth it.

Last on the list of my personal top three was the perfume.  But although the shop does carry scents with mysterious names like Lurk and Dreaming Oil, and maybe they are more natural than what I’m currently dousing myself in, the Jimmy Choo will have to stay.  I keep trying a different sort of fanciness every time I reach empty on that pretty bottle, but I always go crawling back to Mr. C.

Foley preaches safety and effectiveness in her products, which to her means, in part, staying away from product lines that have an endless list of unpronounceable ingredients. She even has a Director of Health and Safety on staff, Holly Moore, who is tasked with making sure each product passes a screening test before it’s even considered a candidate for the shelves.  The aesthetics of the the store are an essential part of the shopping experience as well.  Look for the new store’s decor to be light and bright with lots of gleaming copper and a super-clean feel to it.

Follain joins local shops Beauty and Main, also on Central St.; The Candy Bar on Church St.; and my personal favorite, CVS in Linden Square, in helping keep Wellesley so pretty.

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Last call for Wellesley spelling bee teams



The Wellesley Education Foundation is gearing up to celebrate its 25th annual Spelling Bee on Thursday, November 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sprague School gym.

Sign-ups are open for all adult teams of three here.  The $500 entry fee per team goes to support excellence and innovation in the Wellesley schools.  But this is the last week to sign up, so hurry and get your team together. Registration closes on Friday, October 24.

We’re not sure, but we think local businesses are including misspellings on their signs on purpose just to get into our Spelling Bee posts

hiring sign








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  • Upcoming Wellesley Fundraisers

    Upcoming Wellesley Fundraisers